TopRaider WebSite IP-banned for 2 Months

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  • TopRaider WebSite IP-banned for 2 Months

    Hi All,
    As I didn't succeed to get an answer for almost 2 months, i'll try to get on here :|

    My website seems to be IP-banned by the OGame API since the 7th April.
    The website didn't send more calls to API than usual.
    Then I wonder why this appened, how to avoid those kind of problem next time, and when the website will be unbanned ?

    I could re-directed all the API calls to another website to make the site works again. But it slows the process and annoy thousands of user each day.
    Is there anyone who could do something about it ? At least send me a new ApiKey ?
    I though this would be quick to fix, but after near 2 months without any response I'm losing hope.

    It's frightening to know that most of the community Tools are working with the OgameAPI, and that those can stop working at any moment without anybody able to fix it 8|

    Thanks !


    ** OgameTech **
  • is it possible that your website changed ip ? Your APIkey is linked with one IP

    Who did you contact to have info ?
    Messaggio per i visitatori ed utenti italiani. se avete problemi nell'utilizzo del forum, in particolare se avete problemi ad esporre un vostro suggerimento per migliorare ogame, potete scrivermi e cercherò di fornirvi assistenza