New moon building: Lunar Sunshade reduces the min. temperature of the planet

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    • New moon building: Lunar Sunshade reduces the min. temperature of the planet

      In the recent Ogame newsletter, it was announced that he team is working on a new moon building.
      This makes sense because so far moons are not so much attracting for miners and a new moon building would increase the need for field on the moon (and therefor also the need for such items).

      Here, I propose the moon building "Lunar Sunshade".

      The "Lunar Sunshade" is partially darkening the planet and in this way cooling the oceanns which are holding the precious deuterium.

      Each level of the Lunar Sunshade is reducing the minimal temperature of the planet.
      (Maybe by 10°C-20°C or using a more enhanced formula)

      In consequence, the production of the deuterium synthesizer is enhanced.

      In order to work, the deut. production needs to be calculated using the min. temperature instead of the max. temperature of the planet.
      So far the min. temp is just the max. temp. minus 40°C and serves no further purpose.

      While the production of the satellites stays unchanged (depending on T_max) the deut production can be optimized.
      This gives players the chance to fine tune their planets.

      The following advantages would come with the Lunar Sunshade:

      • giving sense to T_min of the planet
      • making moons (and moon fields) more attractive for non-fleeters
      • creating the possibility to use hot planets for deut production
    • If this does not step in the way of implementing a new system (or altering the game) to stabilize the protection that a moon provides, I like it too.

      I think it's a cool idea. And no harm to anyone.

      But again, if it doesn't step in the toes of developing something to ensure moons are as safe as before all these recent changes that came after redesign.