transporting Darkmatter.

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    • transporting Darkmatter.

      Ok so lets say you have a friend who you want to give some darkmatter too. now you have hmm 240k of it on yur acc. and he needs 32k to half complete a building and you want to help him out.
      so you can use your recyclers to ship him some DM now one recycler will only hold 500 units of DM to transport. to your friend.
      also it will cost you double the deuterium to ship the dm to your friend. any and all DM you sent to your friend will be treated as found darkmatter so it wont keep his account from deleting.
      and your recyclers can only ship 500 units of DM per recycler.
      So 1 recycler = 500 units DM
      all transported DM will be treated as found Dm.
      and to ship dm it will cost you double the fuel usage to ship it.
    • I don't think it is a good idea for 2 motives:
      1) in this way someone will create 10-20 multyaccount that use to find darkmatter in spedition and then transport dark matter for the real account
      2) if someone will stole account, will can stole also dark matter

      If you want to help your friend, you can buy dark matter in his account using your phone or your credit-card .......... I think this way is more safe

    • aren't gos able to check? The systems could be the same as transport of normal resources.
      Or are you Just saying that the staff can't determinate if more accounts are managed by the same person?
      And would be nice if the users and staff would suggest an improvement or something else instead just "reasons why" not.

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    • Ok also this way Darkmatter can be traded between players at the following rates

      30 units metal = 1 unit dm
      25 units crystal =1 unit dm
      20 units deuterium =1 unit dm
      and all exchanged dm is treated like found dm
      also yes there is possabiltiy of abuse just like current push pulls that go on every day in many unis.
      the goes need better tools to find who is doing what till then each of us as players must help keep an eye out for the trouble makers to help our game and community.