Version 6.3.8

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    • Version 6.3.8

      Today we got Version 6.3.8-rc1, this is the changelog for the version:

      [Bugfix] Ticket system link wrong in ban popup
      [Bugfix] Interplanetary Missiles button broken for noobs to strong player
      [Bugfix] Anti-Ballistic Missiles broken build function/takes too many resources
      [Bugfix] Interplanetary Missiles broken build function/takes too many resources
      [Bugfix] Messages: tool tip from buddy button in player's tool tip misses style
      [Bugfix] There is no moon icon in the short view of Combat reports
      [Bugfix] Unwrapped text when using code in some message types
      [Bugfix] Fleets on Fleet movement can't be minimized
      [Bugfix] Delete all option in message trash is missing
      [Bugfix] Line break in wrong position in Espionage reports and first round lost message
      [Bugfix] Remove Administrator from the name generator for the start page
      [Bugfix] Ignore player missing in galaxy for not validated account
      [Bugfix] Phalanx isn't functioning when Account isn't validated
      [Bugfix] Old Tutorial Icon behavior in mobile view
      [Bugfix] Build 999 Anti-Missiles doesn't work
      [Bugfix] 10 Deuterium needed error message in galaxy view when you have 0 deuterium in own system (not validated, non commander)
      [Bugfix] Some loca issues fixed in several languages
      [Polishing] Buddy request in chat for unvalidated players

      [Bugfix] You cannot create an account as buddy
      [Polishing] You still have to enter a player name if you try to register as buddy
      [Polishing] Redesigned invitation mark on start page when you use a buddy link to register
      [Feature] Generate New Name Button

      Logout problematic in galaxy view:
      We noticed that some players again had a logout problematic, when they fast browse the galaxy view and e.g. spy players in fast way. For that problem we made an optimization.
      Please have in mind that especially addons can also cause this kind of problems.

      Origin Admin
      OGame-Tech Chief

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