Ideas to change mission espionage

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    • Ideas to change mission espionage

      Hello, I want to propose some ideas to change result of mission espionage to try to improve game. Some ideas as alternative between them.
      1) When probes are destructed by defender, attacker don't receive info about planet and research
      2) When probes are destructed by defender, there is a random event that decide what kind of info is received by attacker (for example an event could be that only received amount of resources)
      3) When probes are destructed by defender, there is a random event (maybe linked with numbers of probes and level of espionage of attacker) that give a percentage of efficient of info received .......... for example if you have 100%, then any amount is exact; if you have 50% any amount could have a +/- 20% compared to the real value
      4) Linked with level of espionage of attacker and number of probes, there is an efficient of info received ......... effect it is more hard to have info correct at 100% , but more high is efficient and more near at real value you will be. For example could be that any level of espionage increase efficient of 2% and any probe of 0,5%, starting from 40% . By a formular if you have efficient value X , the numbers about amount of metal, crystal,number of bs, number of plasma etc is random in interval +/- x/2
      maybe random could be similar at probability to have a big planet in central position and little in other ............. and in this case we could have that is linked with size of planet/moon ......... more size more random go near extreme values

      example: big planet has really 1000 rocket launcher . Attacker have an efficient of 50% , interval will be MAX 1000*1.25 = 1250 ; MIN 1000*0.75 = 750 ; so attacker will can receive as info that there are 800 rocket launcher