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    • salve! la mia proposta è avere la possibilità di utilizzare contemporaneamente più item della stessa famiglia insieme, mi spiego meglio:

      se io ho 5 detroid oro. 13 detroid argento e 50 detroid bronzo

      e a me serve utilizzare in serie 3+5+20

      invece di dover cliccare 28 conferme, aprire una finstra

      dove mi chiede cosa voglio utilizzare di quel specifico item ed utilizzarli in un solo colpo.

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      hi! My proposal is to have the ability to use more items of the same family at the same time together, I'll explain:
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      if I have 5 detroid gold, 13 silver and 50 detroid detroid bronze

      and I need to use in series 3 + 5 + 20

      Instead of having to click 28 confirmations, open a popup

      where it asks me how many I want to use about specific item and use them in one shot.

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    • Yea, good idea, only thing I can think of is say miss-click issues, one says is worth one, the can be what amount is entered. But still of such, shouldn't be an issue at a time as much given still, but in regards to having different planets may not be as reasonable.

      10 items for one planet


      10 items for two planets,

      miss-click would not be worth the same say per one instance at a time. But given still still, click would be worth of numerical input, and even with say enter to say otherwise, say one-way or another, it should still say even-out over time.

      But granted, think the least with of time for any is 30mins.

      So, say even then, should still be a good idea, should actually provide even less "miss-clicking".