Limit at number of moons for any account

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    • Limit at number of moons for any account

      I'm thinking from long time that Ogame was better when the number of moons for any players was less and so more interaction with planet, more use of falange, other use of fleetsave, etc.
      Maybe I'm in fault, but i think that ogame should be more funny if stop to exist players with a moon for any planet.

      So i want to propose to set a number limit of moon that it is possible to create, for example 1/3 +1 of number of planets (if for example you have 7 planets then you could have max 3 moons ). It will change strategies.

      Maybe coefficient could be setted as part of feature with players that can decide if active or no.
      Or number of moons could be linked with level of an existing research or with a new research.

      Could be also interesting if GF introduce this limit to move up limit of probability to realize a moon with debries bigger that now and increasing km of moons (in my mind i should want to give a better moon to who lose a big fleet, and no as now that the best part of moons are organized)

      And if GF should introduce this change, then could more easy to decide to change speed of rip in mission destruction, or increase probability to lose rip, etc as talking in an other thread

    • i have 14 planets and in order for me to use them properly i need 14 moons buy nerfing the number of moons a player has you ruin the game play for hybrids and all other players how else will a miner fleet save his stash of goodies .
      how else will a fleeter move his fleet around. to make hits
      and the hybrids are affected the same way for fleet movement and hiding and safely hiding and moving resources . i give the idea a 1/10