Hyperspacetech increases Cargocapacity

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    • Now I know that ETA's are just somewhat guesswork. But can anyone from the team give some kind of timeframe in which it's expected to be implemented?

      I know the code will have to be made first and all that, but can some one come with a relatively qualified guess?

      And plz don't say "Before Christmas... (2027)"
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      Here you have the "freedom of speech" as long as you say "everything is OK".
    • piink wrote:

      I brought up the feature again into the development team, but there won't be a visible answer here or a schedule for the update in the near future.
      Thanks for asking and the information but this just raises some questions for me...

      Would you mind explaining why there is no schedule or an update planned for that?

      Like why is the gameforge pushing other "features" instead of ones, which the community actually wants?
    • Thanks again for answering, even though its not really that useful, it helps me to "understand" the process in itself.

      I would love to see the reasoning behind the evaluation of these features since I am 100% sure, that not a single community is happy with the lobby because you can neither trade or gift accounts nowadays.

      There are plenty features which are approved and the community would love to see that those will be developed.

      Maybe a developer or someone who is responsible for the evalution of these features is kind enough to answer us considering the latest updates were rather poor...
    • Bl4cky wrote:

      I would love to have an answer to this as well. I can't imagine it being so hard to implement, that it would take so much time.
      Can anyone maybe ask for a definitive answer, on to why it isn't implemented yet, or even whether it will be, like at all?

      You have only to read the answer of CoMa

      piink wrote:

      If there is no schedule or plan for a feature is cause it has not been developed.
      GF evaluates the features coming from the communities together with the needs of the game. Also the game development team brings up ideas and projects as the time passes.
      I'm afraid this is all I can tell.

      In my opinion the translation of answer and what is happen is : for the moment developers never had time to work in this kind of code, because full in working in other project that interesting more at GameForge

      There is also something that Weteha said in last newsletter:

      Are your statements official ones?
      It's always possible that things will change. At the moment we're continuing work on the lobby and the gate network, but we're also fitting in working on something for OGame's 16th birthday. Of course, we have plans for what we'll be doing after all that, but those plans can change at any time. For example, someone could come up with a good new idea that might shift our priorities again. At the moment we've got Hyperspace Technology on the table again, and we're looking at whether we can make it more useful, which is something the community has wanted for a while now.

    • Woah, I haven't seen that news flash you listed above yet. This seems like an amazing opportunity. It may be time to hype this one again! I would love this change to happen, I want to have something to research again, besides the usual suspects.

      And since Hyperspacetech is fairly cheap to research till a certain level, it will increase my research points fairly fast. Plus this bonus we would get is very useful indeed.
    • +Bump.

      Obviously we can't let this die now can we?
      And of course, I also think the idea is excellent. Although the numbers could be a bit down. 20% every two levels seems like a lot. Regardless, the idea itself is great, GF can decide which numbers to use.

      But for the love of us, just implement this to the game already.

      It's been pretty much 2 years now since this got accepted.
    • I was prompted to join the forum because I had this very idea a few minutes ago with a few differences. Instead of putting it as a benefit of hyperspace, perhaps we could consider developing a new research tree- where hyperspace would be a requirement to unlock.

      I was thinking of suggesting something along the lines of Space-time Folding, but something to suggest either manipulating space itself.

      The requirements would be hyperspace tech at x level while maybe hyperspace drive would 2 to 4 levels lower since most of the effects would not necessarily be related to the engine. In addition to the hyperspace tech, I think having graviton tech completed as well would be beneficial and this is where you can make things balance if it's needed by requiring something higher than level 1 for graviton tech to unlock the Space-time Folding. I was just thinking that gravity manipulation would kind of be needed for manipulation of space-time since it is the only force powerful enough that I know of that can bend light instead of just reflect it.
    • Some days ago, I stumbled across this thread. So, I just created an account to add my two cents:

      I like the general idea, but I dislike the suggested realization.
      • I find the suggested effect a bit too strong. As for every research, research time will be the most restricting factor. I feel this would induce DM-accelerations (similar to Astro) which I don't like, though I respect GF's perspective.
      • One improvement every other level, and not even starting a level 1 is just ugly. I would love a research the increases the capacity of all ships smoothly (say, 5% per level beginning at level 1). So we would have a development similar to combat and drive research. If we feel that 10% (5%) steps cause unappealing numbers, it may be worth to adjust basic parameters (like 4.000 for SCs and 20.000 for LCs, though this would change the early gameplay quite significantly). [OT: If then a similar concept could be implemented for deut consumption (the last missing fleet parameter), the research concept as a whole would be much more 'complete'.]

      NoMoreAngel wrote:

      Just a 10% increase would make ugly numbers. I thought of using 20% also because of the tripled Deut Consumption for Recs with hyper 15.

      Just an addition to this would be bringing a 40% increase with 21 and anotherone with 23, for the ones that really want it, so that you can get up to triple the normal amount.
      • What about a quadratic growth to keep things smooth while increasing the gain with higher levels? Like level 1 = + 1%, level 2 = another 2 %, etc. So we would have 231% extra on level 21, and 276% extra on level 23. (This seems to be a proper growing speed for me. Though, the values may be a bit too strong, but then one could make HyperTech more expensive for fine-tuning).
      Generally, I feel the whole research tree is worth a reconsideration (rethink it wisely and discuss it with the community! :) ) which may take some time. If that is planned, I would prefer to have this feature postponed and introduced properly. [Again OT: I'd love more research stuff like energy technology where the effect explodes with higher levels, but then there must be an option to reduce research time more significantly.]