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  • Expeditons

    aliendestroyer - - Suggestions


    But an expedition has the risk to loose the fleet. So I miss the risk:reward ratio here

  • Since the massive support till now at least is it possible to get feedback from the developers? How do they think about such an idea? Is linking laser tech to research time completely excluded or do they want some details to be refined?

  • Quote from NoMoreAngel: “With the merge a few active unis are now overcrowded in the 4-12 planetarea. You might have gotten a lot of free relocations but you can't really use them because there are inactives and v-moded user everywhere. The suggestion is to make a second, instantaneous, merge in which all players in vmode and inactive longer than 6 months get removed from the servers and put into a holding universe. Same should apply for inactives under a certain point limit (depending on the un…

  • I'm in, I like and support this idea!

  • Short version: The formule to calculate the research time is now: (metal + crystal) / (universe speed * 1000 * (1+research lab level)) My proposal is: ((metal + crystal) / (universe speed * 1000 * (1+research lab level)))*0,95^level laser technology Long version: Transferring information between planets is now radio based. While when it would be laser based you could send more data in the same time. It uses less power and so the efficiency is much higher. As you can read here. The laser technolo…

  • Quote from RiV-: “So given that the % can be adjusted in the server settings: <cargoHyperspaceTechMultiplier>2</cargoHyperspaceTechMultiplier> I propose that this value is adjusted to the DF% of the universe in already existing universes. Recyclers flying with Impulse or Hyperspace Drives are still way too expensive to launch, and while 2% more cargo space per Hyperspace tech level seems to mitigate the problem in 30% DF unis, it doesn't change anything in 70-80% DF ones. So my proposition is to…

  • Graviton affects fuel usage

    aliendestroyer - - Suggestions


    With those 7x economy settings we have now in some universes it isn't very hard to reach graviton 3. I consider graviton 1 as very easy to be honest now.

  • Graviton affects fuel usage

    aliendestroyer - - Suggestions


    Since the idea of hyperspace technology affects the cargo capacity is accepted almost all properties of a ship are affectable with a research, only the fuel usage is left. An overview: Structural integrity --> armour tech Shield strength --> shield tech Attack strength --> weapon tech Speed --> combustion/impulse/hyper drive Cargo capacity --> hyperspace tech Fuel usage --> ??? As miner I "hate" to say it but the fleeters deserve a research for this. I would say we can choose between laser tech …

  • Ah, that's wonderful to hear Please do an upgrade with every level and not every second level...

  • Quote from piink: “I brought up the feature again into the development team, but there won't be a visible answer here or a schedule for the update in the near future. ” Could you ask again piink? Since we're more than 6 months furthr I think it's time to ask again, we're waiting more than enough. And you can also say that we are a bit "angry" that it takes so long!

  • Well I believe there's one (test)universe which has that settings? The universe where I play doesn't have it. And maybe could a universe with probe attacks have it's own special setting about the cargo capacity from a probe. Would that be a solution?

  • Hi all, I would like to see that the cargo capacity from a spy probe will go from 5 to 10. For the simple reason that I can't reach the whole universe at 100% flight speed in a 9 galaxies big universe. Is it possible to change this setting? Because I have as a miner all my planets in the same galaxy but I like to raid the whole universe at 5x normal speed.

  • A few years ago already we had a big discussion about what to do with the graviton tech. What happened with it? Since it's just silence about that subject and developers are busy with boring stuff like alliance and a new login system.

  • Shipyard queue

    aliendestroyer - - Archive - Suggestions


    Disagree. Ogame is a strategy game, think twice before you build something and in which order.

  • Is this read thread by the developers and could it get the label accepted/maybe/denied? I still think this is a good idea since we're looking for a way to decrease fuel costs and leave it alone to a universe setting is a bit crappy to me. Everybody had the same (dis)advantage. Researching higher levels of graviton should be rewarded with something special like this.

  • The question is, when will it be implemended??? Almost 2 years ago it was accepted. What's the problem?? Btw: I would let this tech affect all ships instead of only 3. Looks fair to me for all playing styles, however I'm a miner so it wouldn't affect my personal gameplay.

  • Would be awesome, too awesome if you ask me. 1%, 2% and 3% comes first, just because gameforge pay model is partly based on those half times you can buy with DM. Half time (50%) costs 108.000 DM, a 30% booster could you get for free at the import/export. But changing time to percentage is an idea I support!

  • Or change the probability to get DM in speed universes.

  • No I mean like you say two seperate pages but those two pages have some info which is the same. For example "production" on page 1 and page 2. Also "energy balance" and "protected" on page 1 and page 2. The "differences" are only on page 1 then and the "costs" are only on page 2. Edit 1: I see what you mean now. It's a matter of taste I think. Edit 2: Maybe we could add some checkboxes where the player could choose which info he wants to see. So everyone sees what he wants then. Turn costs on/of…

  • Also possible to see some info twice? If I click on the label cost I want to see the costs of course but also the production, energy and protected. Else I still can't see it on 1 page. Maybe two links for the first and second image in the first post of this thread? This image I mean. First one focuses more on the difference while the second more focuses on the costs. In the description we could add the formulas and equations like Minion said.