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  • One can always fight over numbers and the degree of benefits for miners or fleeters. However the idea is nice. Another useless research gets meaning later in the game. And the stronger one gets the more cargo one needs. I suggest if one can't agree on miner/fleeter terms, to make a change in the recyclers. Making them increase less or more depending on the direction the debate goes.

  • Tutorial Task 5 Bug

    Thundersheep - - Archive


    Yeah i saw that one coming along as well. Did you try to reproduce it? It's the one from .us right?

  • I took a look. First of all very nice tools. But found some mistakes At "bouwlijst" tool "maan basis" "maanbasis" "Alliantie hangar" "Alliantiehangar" At "productie and Energie" tool. "Produktie de Vloot" "Productie van vloot" "Produktie de verdediging" "Productie van verdediging" "Technocrat" "Technocraat" At the "Graviton Berekening" Tool "Max planeet temperatuur" "Max. planeettemperatuur" "Structuur in te gaan op puin" "Structurele integriteit naar puin" At the "manen" tool "Structuur in te g…

  • I translated the new task you gave me. There is just one thing i need some context to translate properly. (I marked it red) - please explain the function and how its displayed. Also, when it's 100% done (your tools/website), can you let me check everything in practise? Because a lot of things need intepretation both by me and the previous dutch translator. [Menu strings] 'queue-title' => 'Bouwlijst', 'terraformer-title' => 'Terravormer', 'moon-title' => 'Manen' [Costs calculator] 'admiral' => 'A…

  • Quote: “Actually... Removing v altogether.. I could go for that.” no just no That might bring back a lot of accounts but at the same time you lose a LOT ACTIVE players. So yeah you might have more targets, but these are all " ghost accounts" You dont create a more active universe by pushing people to play. For instance my account would be forced out of V-mode and crashed by now. Sometimes i play on it, with your idea I can't. Sure it turns into a farm, but what's more important? Some farms or pl…

  • Yeah the accuracy is based on the script's success, in your case not a problem. you make great scripts. And i totally agree it makes it very competitive Just wanted to know how it worked.

  • At first I wondered how it was calculated. Because besides mine info you can subtract from the accounts after installing and the general top lists, you won't have much info. You could assume that " delta points - minus mines = raid profit " , but that wouldn't be so accurate. Then I read you let people upload CR's, right? That makes it quite accurate per case, but not really universe wide right? Because it only displays those who have installed your script if im not mistaken. Will it also work w…

  • I think the idea is good and even realistic. (NOt that i decide whether it's good or not) Just my opinon. However Ogame is a strategy game where every manual decision have consequences. Players have to think ahead and less skilled players get crashed by their own mistakes. And i think v-mode is a big part of that. Think ahead, plan your fleetsaves, plan your account sitters, plan everything in details, every move is a strategic move. Making going in v-mode easier takes this away piece by piece. …

  • Quote from zohar88: “merge Scandinavians in to .org btw. TS - did you guys ever come to agreement regarding Scandinavian merger and language on target comm? ” Well not really. You know the ideal scenario was a button to choose a language. But that will cost even more energy. Maybe with an add-on but still. And English would be weird too as you get a third english playing community. So not really. Besides it was quite pointless debating details after our last meeting. I think you were there too. …

  • .US was een joke indeed done by our BA, but in the other comms it was quite realistic until short... As many coma say it's not technically possible right now, doesn't mean it's not possible in the future. But for now nothing will be done about it. As you know we tried hard on .se/dk/no we even were thinking details, but if you do you would totally jump the gun. It's the same with comm's like .ba and Knowing that these comm's won't merge, you will waste you time hoping .org/.us will merg…

  • The dutch translation - Revised by Thundersheep 04-04-2015 (Hidden Content)

  • Translation for Dutch was done right minus some spelling mistakes inside the translations itself. => 'Specificeer het onderzoeks laboratorium level van de respectieve planeten en kies de planeet waar je je onderzoeken wil starten.', => 'Specificeer het onderzoekslaboratorium level van de respectieve planeten en kies de planeet waar je je onderzoeken wil starten.', 'title' => 'OGame – Vlucht tijden en savepunten berekeningen', 'title' => 'OGame – Vluchttijden en savepunten berekeningen', 'departu…

  • Quote from Ogeeon: “That's great, Thundersheep! Please go through all our calculators in Dutch and let us know if something is wrong. In a couple of days we'll add a building queue calculator - that one will need a review too. Thanks in advance :)” Will do that asap, it's all in this thread? Online tools collection translation ? if not, you can link me to specifics :)?

  • If you need to review Dutch texts or additional Dutch translations , I can assist you

  • probeing moons

    Thundersheep - - Archive - OGame Planet


    I just read and saw, strange move but i'm not complaining

  • Be glad he actually wrote a review And I can find myself in what you wrote Asto.

  • Without considering all the "effort" it will take GF, I would actually love to see that alliance thing makes itself actually useful for the whole alliance. Like i said without the whining that will follow, I think I like this idea. But who am I, right haha.

  • probeing moons

    Thundersheep - - Archive - OGame Planet


    Quote from Blackamss: “not really the best paid features of commander is the building que and seperation of messages into sub catagorys so buy making moon probing a one clik non paid feature would give back to the players since there is so many paid for features now” Who is using a queue when you are having an advanced account? The fact that you find this so annoying actually proves it's one of the best features.

  • probeing moons

    Thundersheep - - Archive - OGame Planet


    I'm afraid that will not happen bro. It's one of the best features of having comander.

  • - The phalanx will also be circular, although in the same galaxy. From 3:499 you will be able to scan 3:1 but not 4:1. To have a circular phalanx the circular solar systems setting has to be enabled, if only galaxies are circular the phalanx won't be circular (keep in mind that the setting can be split). - Interplanetary missiles will also be circular (exactly like phalanx and also circular solar systems are required). Version 5.8.5 is on-line in universe Origin. Galaxies and solar systems are c…