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  • Bomber buff

    Tenko - - Archive - Suggestions


    Not intending to hijack the suggestion or anything, but I've posted something similar a few months ago. It must be somewhere below in the thread list (or above if someone ends up posting there )

  • @OddWH it was before I did any customization I think, and even after trying a fix with the units issue that someone had above in this thread, it still wasn't working. Maybe all it took was a browser restart, or one of the two things I mentioned above. But now that I've been able to use it a little bit, I have to say it really makes looting inactives that much more comfortable. A great job you've done there.

  • Well, either changing the default value of 0 in that box, or the auto-collection of reports fixed it. Thanks either way mate.

  • Quote from Demonfreak: “The only issue I have is the fact, that gamewise, I cannot DO anything about it ” Yes, you can. You just need to build ABMs as his IPMs hit your planet. Saying you can't do anything about it just because you need to sleep would be like a fleeter saying he can't do anything about his fleet that's sleeping on his moon being recycled while he's sleeping in his bed. Ridiculous, isn't it? Quote from Demonfreak: “I had also over 1,200 deathstars lying behind that bunker ” If yo…

  • I just installed it, and it doesn't seem to work for me. Running Tampermonkey on FF57, but also tested on Chrome to no avail. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but the table doesn't seem to collect the spy reports properly. This is what I get after collecting 25 spy reports similar to the one included in the screenshot: O8WkD6R.jpg Any help appreciated =)

  • Quote from aliendestroyer: “I don't like (like astrofysics) to research a level without rewards... ” Astrophysics have a reward each level. Well, maybe not so much of a reward, but every level does something.

  • Deuterium sensor

    Tenko - - Archive - Suggestions


    Quote from Sinnfei: “This is due to the constant temperature in the Universe. ” Except near stars and suns... Quote from Sinnfei: “The production in deuterium is 13 ” 13 what? How often? Do you just build this once, get 13 deuterium and then it just orbits the planet waiting to be recycled?

  • Dyson Shroud

    Tenko - - Archive - Suggestions



  • If you really want to make a ninja move stealthy, you befriend the player you plan on letting become inactive. Alliances of 2 where one is inactive and the other is a big raider is way too obvious.

  • Building 30k IPM in a few hours is definitely possible without DM, first of all, depending of the universe speed, and shipyard and nanites levels. Detroids are also a thing and, considering it took 30,000 to destroy your bunker, I can safely assume it is an old universe, and/or a very fast one, where people have billions of resources saved up for the next project. Therefore, it is also very safe to assume that any player with enough death stars could have run your defenses down over time if they…

  • Quote from Danimanza: “I don't know if so easy to implement as you suggest but it could be a good kind of stadistic ” Plenty of non-official servers do that, and it's updated every 30 minutes.

  • Reworking the Bomber

    Tenko - - Archive - Suggestions


    Hi everyone. I am here to discuss this ship that we all know - somehow - but virtually never use, the bomber. The original concept is simple enough: wreck defenses with it. Why do players then still prefer to use either destroyers, light fighters, or a mix of both when they ram head first into a bunker, and RIPs aren't an option? Well, quite a few reasons for that: 1) Bombers are slow. Pretty straightforward argument, but it's just as slow as the destroyer. However, destroyers have other uses an…