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  • Active highscore

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    Just solving the buggy situation with coloring in highscore. Either just show the color each player has in galaxy for you (i.e., cyan vmode, light gray inactive 7+, dark gray inactive +35, yellow honourable, white not honurable)... or correct what I thikn is the idea with this current highscore but it has never worked right: I think that the idea was to show in ranking: yellow active players, gray inactive or vmode players... but the implementation is buggy and it has never worked right.

  • @OddWH AntiGame gets the info from the eventlist (you have to mark the always show eventlist in options in the ogame account).* May be you could get part of the info from there? I mean you can see what attacks have been sent. Once the script sees certain attacks (and even more may be if the number of cargoes are correct) it can "confirm" that those attacks have been sent, and mark them as attacked in the memory of the program. I like the fact that it's an "offline data", that once the attack has…

  • New redesign

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    I would love if they also allowed a non-graphical version, with less images and graphics, and really much more thought put into usability, so that the interface is fast and optimized. I would love to look at a page that could have a solid color, the cleanest possible buttons, all the info clearly shown and just a few images (for instance, in galaxy to show moon or debris, those two clean images are okey, but I trully don't need the graphics in the buttons, in the planets, in many other things).

  • Error using collect routine

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    Was closed as not a bug: Incorrect number of cargos when using the collect mission I think it should be closed as yes a bug, but not interesting enough to be solved.

  • AntiGameOrigin

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    I don't see the need to be harsh. You have only exchanged a few messages. Yes you would like to see a change in how things work and be able to cooperate, but I think that may be talk with Shole more than 4 or 5 messages over the boards would be useful to decide which way things could go.

  • @TGWo Then, per answer of Shole, it's a bug. Because they are allowing scripts. Nonetheless, until it's solved (which, if we see from the perspective of gameforge units, could be quite long) a script would be quite handy.

  • Quote from DeltaT: “Maybe is wanted, but I refer you to the existence of this thread: Script to automatically go to the last used item ” If it's indeed wanted, I really wish they at least would answer to explain to the community. But I hope it's not. Like @badkarma, I wish they put this in the bug list and actually fix it in future versions.

  • @badkarma I don't. It was actually intended as a hint for the programmers to correct the behaviour, and also if some nice person out there that knows to program thought the idea was nice and give a script to the community. Sorry, but I'm in the same position as you I wish someone could make the script until it's fixed, I doubt it would take more than 10 lines of code.

  • Quote from TGWo: “in that file are you watching ? universe.xml should be updated any 24 hours if i'n not in error while playerData.xml should be updated any 7 days of course api file it is not the only way to search planet. An old metod is to move in galaxy while a script save any planets in a db............ more slow and boring (so worked galaxytool ). And this db could be shared at level of ally, or sometimes is public ” It should be once a week. Otherwise it's just much more info. And to Uri,…

  • @Uri I'm not saying I like the changes, but as TGWo said if you want to suggest to remove the APIs open a suggestion, and yes, I would prefer if they were hidden, but since many many things have changed it's not easy to decide what's the best course of action. Anyway, there are things that are nice to have. I have installed topraider and infocompte in one browser to have info about my account and about my farming, there's nothing wrong with that IMO. Plus AntiGame makes it quite easy to just liv…

  • You have the api, with the player.xml, highscore.xml, and universe.xml, etc., which show quite a bit of information. The planets are updated once a week (wednesdays if I remember correctly), so you have to put your strategy into play taking that into account. If you have a mobile planet and you don't want it to be seen automatically, you have to colonize after that weekly refresh. That said, with tools like AntiGame, if you see his planet the info is updated locally. So it's everything kept up t…

  • This clearly says that players are NOT allowed to use a site or program to help better their performance in the game or create an advantage point for them. I hope that you understand that using a calculator or Excel helps the performance in the game, and that should be perfectly allowed. The API of the game gives some info, using a program to process that info is perfectly fine too. Moreover, it's probably a public tool like AntiGame or UniverseView, but even if it's private, what problem do you…

  • Hi, Is there anyone here that knows about math (and probably about programming) that would be interested to discuss in depth (at least deeper than what I've seen in the last few years) about how to choose what to build at each moment of time to get the “ideal” order? Ideally people that have already been years with mines in mind, and that at least know the subject enough to understand the “basics”, e.g., amortisation, etc. But the idea is to put a few more variables into play. I tried to contact…

  • Round-based Uni

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    Create universes much slower could easily be done by just creating one for each speed a year, one x1, one x2, one x4, and may be one wildcard special universe. And all of them with relatively high speed x3eco for x1 fleetspeed, x4eco for x2, x5 or x6eco (for x4 fleetspeed), and great percentage of ships to debris: this make quite easily for a fast paced growth. And all of them could then be merged after one or two years, into the “bigger universes” that could also be x1, x2, x4, with slower econ…

  • @NoMoreAngel that means “not in the works right now” Truly sad. Of course a merger is going to happen eventually, but not having a date or a plan means they have not started yet... 2020 seems like a nice date, for sure everyone would be still here loving the game hahahaha I feel for you admins, and supporters, and GOs, I'm sure you will somehow feel this abandonment.

  • i wanted to open a new thread, but when in this forum I saw this and remembered that I had already written here So here I am, again, asking the same. ¿Any news? About anything, whatever is happening would be nice to know. I thought that with those monthly videos the idea was to open to the community, and be more transparent. But I see nothing of that. This forum seems dead. They really talk nothing that matters in those videos. Miner vs. fleeter discussion (this is like something that was “hot” …

  • In my case, I don't hate merchant because it reduces player interaction, but because now everyone can achieve everything, and it actually undervalues crystal an deuterium. Plus now everyone can have any fleet they want, in the past if you saw someone have 2k rips it was quite a lot of hard work to get that crystal and deut and be able to sell the metal. Before merchant you couldn't see a fleeter with astro 25, those millions of deut and crystal would need to be better invested in ships that need…

  • I don't see it completely, but in any case, +1 for trying to suggest ideas (this board is almost dead by the ways). I personally prefer the idea of duplicating accounts. That means that if you have a 200M account somewhere, be able to do things with it. What? No idea. But this suggestion of yours might be interesting. My idea (and I think in the end this will eventually happen, similar to mergers that happened after a few years of ogame), is that once you have a 200M account, in a dead universe,…

  • Hi, AntiGame seems to not take into account the production due to plasma technology (which increases all productions 1%/.66%/.33% for each level). And I think due to that, the Amortization time is wrong. It would be nice if it was fixed, thanks

  • One of the last few updates broke the system that took you to the last item you used. Say that you want to use 7 silver krakens, once you used one, the page reloaded but left you with the silver kraken selected again, so you could put the next one easily. I hope this is solved in the future. But, meanwhile, is it legal to have a script that once the page is updated takes you to the last item you used?