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  • Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to do the same thing with ships / if it would be allowed?

  • Nice! I roughly understand Spanish and I have to say you have a good pedagogy, it changes from all the dumb stuff usually found on YouTube. Congrats

  • Counting in base 4, do the 13211 move with your hands knowing that: 0- finger fully closed 1- finger not touching but pointing down 2- finder not touching but pointing up 3- finger fully open

  • Expeditions are way to low

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    Back a few years ago when only x1/x1 universes existed, expeditions yielded pretty decent amounts of resources and everyone always had all expeditions slots filled. Now most servers have an eco multiplier so expeditions are less interesting. A simple fix would be to multiply the resources found by the eco multiplier. I don't play universes with more than x1 fleet multiplier so if scaling expeditions with economy is overpowered, maybe multiply it by max(eco, fleet) instead. Also, since it's a gam…