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  • good evening everyone I am preparing a page for a quiz on Ogame and I would like to decorate it with Ogame images. Are there images of ogames that are allowed for use? Fred

  • Hi @Greed On which page did you encounter this problem and what time? Which universe and which country? Thank you I see in the log attempts of denial of service with IP more than 10,000 pages in a few seconds. This is probably the problem, I will strengthen security. Fred

  • Hello everyone, Your search history is now available on the floating menu. (Hidden Content) Good game. Fred

  • Hello everyone, Would it be possible to add to the 'AntiGameReborn' module? Regards, Fred

  • Hello to all the community, I propose you a new module on the site 'Compare planets between alliances' I think it can be very useful during war. The points displayed are live. Do not hesitate to give me your opinion. I am looking for translations for this module 9.png TR, 1.png DE, 17.png CZ, 4.png PL (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

  • Hi, Following the installation of a new module, I would need you for a translation. Thank you in advance. Fred En francais = > 'Comparaison planètes entre alliances' , 'Tout sélectionner', 'Tout désélectionner', 'Ajouter les inactifs', 'Retirer les inactifs' En anglais => 'Planets comparison between alliances' , 'Select all', 'Unselect all', 'Add the inactive', 'Remove the inactive' 9.png TR 0% 1.png DE 100% Thx @Charlie 2.png EN 100% Thx @DeltaT 3.png ES 100% Thx @Charlie 1…

  • Hello, I added an interactive wallpaper from the NASA API. It changes every 24 hours. I think it makes the site less monotonous. You will find this wallpaper on your account When you activate this wallpaper, you will find on the home page at the bottom right, the explanation of the photo. Good game everyone. Fred (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

  • [Statistical News] Hello everyone, At the beginning of the year, I present you new statistics of your game. This module is on the homepage at the end of the page. (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) Good game to you all ..... and good stats. Fred

  • Hello, Thanks to the Origin staff for solving my problem so quickly. The new module will soon be operational. Sincerely, Fred

  • Hi @ErikFyr , I only had access to test servers. And I see to this day that I have no access at all. Script return with the provided key: {"RESULT_CODE":4002,"RESULT_DATA":[]} INVALID_API_KEY_EXPIRED = 4002; Sincerely, Fred

  • Hi @TGWo , I use the script provided by Shole. best regards Fred ps: I plan to create a world map with statistics.

  • Good morning everyone, For more than two months now, I haven't heard anything about the validation of my project. In friendship, I would like to know if the project is accepted or not. Many players in the community are eagerly awaiting this new module. best regards Fred

  • Hello everyone, Many changes on the site in the afternoon. 1) Military live points. (Hidden Content) 2) New graph system. (Hidden Content) 3) The Complete status of the players. (Hidden Content) 4) New chart for players / alliance comparison. (Hidden Content) 5) Zoom on the graphics. (Hidden Content) Do not hesitate to contact me in case of trouble or bug. Sincerely to everyone. Fred

  • Good morning, everyone, I present you a new module that will be put into operation as soon as the Origin staff agrees. You will have the opportunity to know the number of Combats, Spy, Harvests and Missiles done per day on your universe and worldwide. Based on an idea of Shole. ( (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) Good day to you all. Fred @vakus : I prefer not to do it on Test servers. sorry

  • Quote from Shole: “Tool itself is tolerated, you must not ask for approval of every version. About global API, requested. ” Hi @Shole That's why I allowed myself to write. Because when you gave me the API key, it was specified: 'Valid only for Pioneers test universes until your tool gets tolerated.' And currently, I can not have information from other servers in the world. Sincerely, Fred

  • Bug name alliance - - Bug Reporting


    Quote from Dark Sky: “To reproduce bug: When creating alliance, write name with invalid characters. Javascript will tell you that there are invalid characters. However, when you press Create, the invalid characters are simply escaped before submission. Typed name: What the F""* -> submitted name What the F\"\"* ” Hi @Dark Sky Yes, I totally agree with you, but it seemed to me that special characters were refused.

  • Hello, I must confess I can't wait to know if you grant me the right for all the universes. Awaiting your answer, Friendly, Fred

  • Bug name alliance - - Bug Reporting


    Hello, A bug exists since 1 week on the universes. Unauthorized special characters are inserted in pseudo alliances. Universe 140 DE: file : alliance id="500222" name="What the F\"\"*" Universe 146 FR: file : alliance id="500963" name="L\'Alliance" Kind regards Fred

  • Good evening, everyone, I tested the API to know the number of Combats, Spys , Harvests and Missiles done per day. I programmed everything for an update every 24 hours on the site and also a follow-up by graph. I therefore await your agreement so that you can authorize me on all the Ogame universes. Right now, I can only do it on Pioneer. Awaiting your answer, Good game to you all. Fred An excerpt from TEST version: comb.png…nivers=_144&langue_pays=2

  • Hello everyone, Currently, there are two models of graphics (Flash mode and canvas mode). The latter is not fast and I / we do not agree. So I'm changing the system for the Canvas mode (the future replacement for Flash). At the same time, a new graph will appear soon. The status of the player during his life on the game. Here are two screens of the Alpha version: (Hidden Content) Good WE to all. Fred