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  • Any news about this after six months? Zibal universe API still contains this error.

  • Hi, in the ingame search formular for players, alliancces, and planets it is possible to use the characters % and _ as wildcards (% meaning zero or more arbitrary characters, _ meaning 1 or more arbitrary characters) Example: Searching for %% (search always requires at least two characters ) retrieves all players / alliances / planets. I could not find any information about this feature. Is it intended or a bug?

  • No, the officer items have an ordinary random uuid. However, its funny that you mention items. I found that these ids actually exist ingame by opening the tech tree with these ids, but there is no description. From the tech tree you can also find an entity with id 1000, named "Items", which does not appear in the api. Very mysterious

  • Hi. The localization API shows a list of entity Ids with their corresponding local names. Does somebody know where the officer Ids are used? I could not find them ingame. <name id="1001">Geologist</name> <name id="1002">Engineer</name> <name id="1003">Commanding Staff</name>

  • It's not a problem that admin planets are shown in the API. The problem is that universe.xml shows data which is not consistent with the server settings. Zibal-de only has 6 galaxies. Thus, it is impossible to have planets in galaxies 7, 8 or 9. My guess is that there is a script running when a server is created which simply add planets at 1:250:1 throughout 9:250:1 without checking galaxy count settings. Which is a mistake. They even show up ingame when searching for the planet name, but clicki…

  • German server Zibal has six galaxies. See: However, in universe.xml there exist the following admin planets <planet id="33620187" player="100004" name="OGame Team" coords="7:250:1"/> <planet id="33620188" player="100004" name="OGame Team" coords="8:250:1"/> <planet id="33620189" player="100004" name="OGame Team" coords="9:250:1"/> which were probably automatically generated when the server opened. I have …

  • Well, I was just curious. My thought was, why would there be test code on live servers You can find the notification handler in the sw.js file, as you have already pointed out. The setup code is included in the big ogame javascript file. Search for "Push Notifications codelab". You can combine the code which is found there to show notifications by yourself, which I did for the screenshot. (execute in the ogame tab using the developer cons…

  • Hi, apparently, Ogame supports notifications which may look similar to this (staged picture, not real): However, I am unable to subscribe my account for notifications. The subscription link returns error "422 Unprocessable Entity". Does somebody have any information about this? Are notifications actually working, or is it an unfinished feature which does not work, yet, hence the error?

  • If you are logged in in the lobby account but don't have a game account, clicking "forgot password" in the lobby login automatically opens the lobby account instead of showing the "forgot password form" When you try to register a lobby account with already used email adress, you get the error "You have entered an invalid email address or an incorrect password.". That's not really helpful if you don't know that the email has already been used. If you reset the password of an unvalidated account, …

  • As a work-around, you could use this list of active players Ogniter is able to filter inactive players and players in vacation mode.

  • Guys, the joke is that I posted this on 1st April, but it is not a joke^^. I exagerated a little, however. I do not want a refund. I dont care about Test DM. The items can be bought in the Origin universe if you know their respective item Ids. Their shop page is available on live servers, too, but they are not purchasable there.

  • The server is called Origin. Isn't it a legit server? Url is Officers are available in shop, how should I get them otherwise? See attachment here: board.origin.ogame.gameforge.c…5335c21d39c7aaaeb2f363ead Thank you for helping me.

  • Hi. I tried with cleared cache & cookies, and from my phone. It is still not possible to activate the items. I appreaciate every help.

  • I try to activate the officer items you can see in the screenshot. I don't use add-ons or external apps. It does not work no matter if officer is already running or not.

  • Hi, as you know, DM is very valuable. I want to be prepared if some day all Item prices increase due to DM inflation. I have come up with the idea to stockpile items while the DM costs are on the normal level. However, I CANNOT ACTIVATE MY STOCKPILED OFFICERS. This means, ironically, I lost DM in preparation to save DM How can I get item refund for bugged items? board.origin.ogame.gameforge.c…5335c21d39c7aaaeb2f363ead

  • Bug name alliance

    Dark Sky - - Bug Reporting


    To reproduce bug: When creating alliance, write name with invalid characters. Javascript will tell you that there are invalid characters. However, when you press Create, the invalid characters are simply escaped before submission. Typed name: What the F""* -> submitted name What the F\"\"*

  • It is still possible to activate items from the dedicated shop page, isn't it?

  • You can find an updated version including the source code at Feel free to use the source code as you see fit. This tool will no longer be maintained. Data collected with previous versions is not compatible to this version!

  • (fleets don't stay minimized after reload) I noticed severe performance problems when minimizing fleet movents on Windows 7 + Firefox, Windows 7 + Chrome and Mint + Chromium. it takes like 6 seconds to minimize one of my eight fleets. ogame tab becomes unresponsive, 100 % cpu usage on one core, ram usage increases by 500 MB and more. can somebody confirm this or am I the only one with this behaviour?

  • When you try to login into a banned account, you get a notification. This notification includes a link to the support system. However, this is the newly implemented ingame support link. which does not work if you are not logged in, i.e. banned. Dieser Benutzer ist gesperrt! Bis: 30.03.2017 ---------- Grund: Cheat: ---------- Ticket-System