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  • Quote from TGWo: “I don't like a lot to use this research in this way. I like idea to add a bonus, but as I think I have already read in an other thread (or maybe i have see in italian community) i will prefer to increase damage of particular defences and ships (imaging that they use this tecnology) ” In my opinion it would be unfair that this technology increases damage of light and heavy lasers (for example) if Ion/Plasma tech doesn't increase the damage of ion cannons/plasma turrets. That cou…

  • The only 2 techs that do not provide any benefit after certain level (12 for laser, 8 for hyperspace) could be given some slight bonus so that leveling them isn't completely useless (good example is added % production bonus to plasma tech). There is a good and accepted idea for hyperspace, so I will suggest one for laser. My idea is that you get 1% lower construction times per each level of laser technology to both buildings and fleet/defense. (possible explanation: higher laser tech = more ener…

  • I found the problem, I had disabled all features of Fleet in AGO, and it that case it does not select the proper mission, but when I enable all the Fleet overlays in AGO, it works. It worked before even without AGO Fleet overlays, so I thought its a bug

  • When you click the 'A' button in the spy table, it chooses the proper coordinates and number of cargoes, but on the last page it doesn't select the 'Attack' mission automatically like it did before, because its missing '&mission=1' part in the URL.