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  • Hi there the first part isn't correct. 1.) the minimum size for a 2kkk DF is 8,366km and not just 8.000km 2.) The calculation is based upon the DF and not the chance/percentage as i found out. This makes a huge difference because of the moon-Event, that increases the chance but not the the size. e.g. a normal 10%-moon shot will result in a 20% chance but the size is still calculated for 10% because of the DF. This can be read under right conditions here As …

  • hi. I like and use this script very much, thanks. Will the feature to update mines on come back anytime? This has been so convenient^^ GreetingZ

  • this script seems out of date. I can't see the shown features to take place as described. Please keep it up to date.

  • Something is broken here. It don't show a green number for me but a red "0NaN". Please fix it

  • because of the resizing, this style will move the SolSats below the Metaltank, Can it be fixed please?

  • Hi there, can you please add the rank of the selected players highscore button tooltip or playe it besides of the button? This would be very convenient instead of changing to the highscore site and then quicksearch again for the other alliance members. thx

  • improved suggestion

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    Well, I think there should be at least a few limits to the deletion of accounts. Lets say that there wont be deleted any account, if the population of the universe is below 5000 user and/or the targeted account has at least 50.001 points (above noob protection). There could also be a rule for the amount of planets (e.g. at least 3 colonies). So all visitors, who just want to take a look and stop playing after a short period of time will still be deleted as before... cheers

  • Hi I found a bug in the energy calculation for solar satellites! As you can see in the images I wanted to build a terraformer lvl 8 (on a Planet with 51°C maximum temperature). Therefore I turned off the production and only used my 2034 solsats at 100% (=70620energy). I wrote the amount of solsats in the field untill they fit the needed value (=128011energy). [btw: another input field for…

  • TopRaider Translation

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    (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) Hi I used the german OWiki and adjusted the english text groups therefore. Examples of possible Messages can be looked up there aswell... For me it is not clear, if you differ between "won" and "found". Please explain or just use the same words for the same meaning --> "won" = "found" minus "lost" ? 'Departure coordinates' could be changed to 'Start coordinates' to be more precise imo :D cheers EDIT: - "found" was ment (has been corrected) - changed 'Departure c…

  • The reimplementation of the Spiohelper from Eleria is delayed, caused by the changes of the APIs and Messages system since the update to OGame v6. The Spiohelper is expected to come back on AGO v6.0.1. cheers

  • Hi I suggest to also show the Transport-button from the Panel (pinned buildings & constructions) on the fleet page 1 in the free gap above the Next-button. >see this screenshot< When the remain-button is implemented, then it should be displayed there aswell (>see suggestion<). It will be more confortable to use the button(s) there, the most are used to move the mouse in this direction e.g. if resources has to be sent from several planets and the 1st fleet is sent (already being on fp1) In additi…

  • Hi I just want to report, that pinned fleet movements of the same target (coordinate and type) overwrites each another. >see this screenshot< >see this screenshot< So you are able to pin only 1 event for this target --> Please fix/implement a differentiation between type and amount of mission (not only planet, moon, debris) to let the player pin every event onto the Panel tab Target ;) >see this screenshot< ! p.s. this issue is also >linked in this suggestion< cheers

  • Fleet III - display Cargo bay correctly

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    Hi steps to reconstruct: 1) go to fp1, manually enter 20 LC 2) go on to fp3 and look at the cargo bay: - If no resources are loaded, then it shows 500.000/500.000 (red SendFleet button) - If some resources are loaded, then it shows e.g. 46.000/500.000 (orange SendFleet button) - If all resources are loaded, then it shows 0/500.000 (green SendFleet button, also for successful preselection) Mathematically this is nonsense because 0/500.000 shows, that there is nothing in the cargobay and 500.000/5…

  • Hi this is from the OGame v6 changelog: [Feature Request] Ships now have a separate deuterium-tank (same capacity as the normal storage) So the capacity needs to be adjusted. 1) go to fleet page I and enlarge the Calculator 2) enter 500.000 units to any resource type. The calculator shows the correct 20 LC but the preselection is 21 LC because of the fuel (which is obsolete since v6) >see image< 3) manually change the amount to 20 LC. The Next-Button is turning red, showing that not all resource…

  • Hi I found a displaying bug and this is the way it will appear: 1) go to Fleetpage I and enlarge the Calculator 2) select 1 resource there e.g. deuterium. On klick the needed cargo ships get preselected 3) increase the preselected shps by clicking in the inputfield and afterwards on the image (select all) 4) go through the fleet pages and send the fleet anywhere 5) you can see in the Events and Panel the so selected resources multiplied by 1000 ("rounded down") >see this screenshot< 6) go to fle…

  • Hi, AGO Menu - Coloring & Highlighting - Color & highlight scheme for status tags - Player colours - (parameter window): >see this screenshot< on selecting "Player rank above" there should be auto displayed a fixed field "Player rank below" below. If "Player rank below" is selected, then "Player rank above" is shown below... on this way, the player rank 'between' can be realised (I dont know if it can cause issues for internal calculations and the so resulting C&H)

  • Hi :) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

  • TopRaider Translation

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    (Hidden Content) suggested corrections for EN: (Hidden Content) cheers :D

  • Nice feature :) but there are displaying/translating issues (maybe caused by changes for v6). Please correct them: L1 = Metal Mine L2 = Crystal Mine L3 = Deuterium Synthesizer 6xtqpf8j.png

  • Hi I thnik this isnt worth the effort or even forbidden. So I changed it to the following suggestion: Get the dayly offer via the button Therefore mark the tiny button yellow, if there is a new offer (possibly need to be remembered by AGO - time counter) Mouseover the button should open a tooltip, where the resource types are listed. Clicking on the resource will pay the offer with the chosen resource. Afterwards the button turns grey again. cheers