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  • @RiV- Why? Since recyclers now can load, say, 40k units, instead of 20k units, why wouldn't be able to launch missions in which each recycler consumes say 38k deut (may be now it doesn't exist, but imagine a universe with 50 galaxies). Why would you not expand the capacity? I understand that may be one wants the old behaviour of space being consumed by deuterium, but if the current way is one can need until 100% for deut consumption and still have 100% available to move resources, why wouldn't t…

  • There's a bug (hopefully a bug) that probes actually change the capacity in universes they can move resources, but not in “normal” universes. That means that they can take for example 9 units for each probe, so one can spy a few galaxies away at 100%. But in universes where they cannot move resources, the capacity is not updated and shows 5 (even if one has hyperspace 5 for example). So they can't take enough deuterium to spy at 100% speed.

  • Cruiser vs Deathstar bug?

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    Quote from Sarsaparilla: “has always neem, need BS or better to kill a RIP ” Cruisers can kill a RIP under certain conditions. OP is just asking to clarify because he has a doubt, but yes, RIPS can be killed by Cruisers.

  • Test it, but put it in universes with at least 5% increase each level. Otherwise this is a very poor change. And still 5% is a bit poor compared to the original proposal. But 2% is nothing. It means with hyperspace 20 you get 140% capacity. That means that 1.000.000 recyclers will get 28G resources rather than around 40G that would've been in case of implementing this proposed idea.

  • @TGWo but there's nothing wrong to solve the problem, apart from letting people choose x1 or x6, let x6 be something that people can play. And not everyone wants rips, at this point in ogame rips are used routinely by may be 10 players per universe of which more than 5 are from the “main alliance”, so no, not everyone wants that. The change would be something the owners of each universe would cry about but 95% of the players of the universe wouldn't, and the game would be a bit better.

  • 1M / 500k is a decent inactive, I think that just moving eternal v-mode (including banned users) would be ok, plus all those small inactives but may be smaller than 100k points is enough to free the universe. But this should be something that happens once, not that in the future any new (vI) of six months could be moved. Just now, accounts that haven't been logged in the last 6 months and are in vmode, plus all inactives smaller than 100k. That would be awesome! Still I upvote, but I say that ma…

  • Any possibility to merge battles when they are the same? At the moment the first page of Charts has two battles repeated (one two times, and the other one three times), any possibility to remove this redundancy?

  • And me was worried about people calling friends to vote for their proposal (rather than looking around and voting freely the most attractive page). But now it seems that it's done even without friends. This is the way to go thumbsup.png Happy life everyone

  • I truly hope this is not a voting contest of who calls more friends to come vote his option. As Trump would say: Sad! EDIT: that said, I voted for scorer alliance, I like its simplicity (I like one of my alliances for its simplicity too, but chose to vote other). Good luck.

  • FUTURAMA,…nfo.php?allianceId=500694

  • Lobby feedback&questions

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    Quote from piink: “The maximum sitting time as for now it is 24 hours (as per stated in the rules) and it is real time, meaning, the time doesn't stop counting if you log out. The cooldown is 7 days (following the game rules as well). The "sitter" can open as many game accounts as he/she wants in several tabs ( no issue there). Right now there are no limitations, more limitations (probably aggresive actions) have been requested for future updates. ” The cooldown is 7 days from the start of the s…

  • Quote from Lilith: “By getting active and asking you why your production is so much higher and how they can improve their playstyle. By informing themselves on the forums and putting thought into their account setup. It's a thing you don't get without actively searching for it. Of course it's a question of game design. We could also have page upon page about efficiency and other tips in the tutorial, but that might as well make it so boring that they loose motivation anyway. If they don't become…

  • Lobby feedback&questions

    Minion - - Feedback & Discussions


    Quote from scorer: “We got zero knownledge about password encryption. The fact that the system detects same passwords is kinda shady imo. ” The fact that the password is mailed to you when you set your first password or when you change it... is also shady, to say it lightly. I don't particularly like the lobby, and don't see a need for it, but like many changes, it might be a thing and there's nothing that can actually be discussed. I didn't see the need to reduce the minimum length of passwords…

  • Quote from TGWo: “Quote from Minion: “And then the attacker just spend some dark matter to move next to you instantly and surprise! you have been hit. ” relocation is not instantly. You can see in galaxy map if someone is relocationing in your system. PS: I don't love relocation function, but this it is not argument of thread ” I wasn't talking about relocations. I mean what we call ninjas in Spain (sending colony ship with deuterium, instamoon, instajumpgate, and launch attack). But still, even…

  • Quote from neighbor: “So, here it goes, when you attack someone successfully, you played well, using your knowledge and skill in the game. Then, the defender comes online, and instantly builds reciclers and gets the df and many times this happens, both players have loss, in some universes, depending on df%, maybe defender wins! ” Or may be the defender did right by planning in a good area calculating that the enemy is not around, and that they might need to spend a lot of deuterium to attack you…

  • But I have to wait for topraider to process all those messages. I click there and I don't want to wait in that page until the number increments from 0/50, 1/50, 2/50, …, 49/50, 50/50. And each message is processed live: the API is sent, processed in topraider, and I'm given back the profit from that API. I would love to have all the APIs at once (this could take a second), and then let TopRaider process them whenever he wants without me waiting for it.

  • Hi, I think I might have made the suggestion some time ago, sorry if it's a duplicate I would LOVE to see an option to disable “live processing” of battle messages. It is quite annoying for me to spend minutes and minutes on messages page waiting for each message to be processed (and get the info back at the moment of the profit from that message). The ideal behaviour I can imagine would be to be able to send all messages from each page in one click, and then just forget about them in a matter o…

  • This could be taken as an effort to make rules apply to every community. I've never understood how can rules and behaviours by CoMas be different in each community. I think that every community should stop pushing (and scrapping then commerce) all at once. I don't understand why the rules are different for example in spanish and english communities. Similar to the behaviour of CoMas, I've seen a “hacked” account be restored (i.e., resources given to the account to rebuild) while in other communi…

  • Active highscore

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    Just solving the buggy situation with coloring in highscore. Either just show the color each player has in galaxy for you (i.e., cyan vmode, light gray inactive 7+, dark gray inactive +35, yellow honourable, white not honurable)... or correct what I thikn is the idea with this current highscore but it has never worked right: I think that the idea was to show in ranking: yellow active players, gray inactive or vmode players... but the implementation is buggy and it has never worked right.

  • @OddWH AntiGame gets the info from the eventlist (you have to mark the always show eventlist in options in the ogame account).* May be you could get part of the info from there? I mean you can see what attacks have been sent. Once the script sees certain attacks (and even more may be if the number of cargoes are correct) it can "confirm" that those attacks have been sent, and mark them as attacked in the memory of the program. I like the fact that it's an "offline data", that once the attack has…