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The ability to jump Deuterium along with fleets thru a Jump Gate

5 +1 2,399


Convert bronze construction items to silver and gold

1 869

Panda Rosso

In-game battle simulator

7 +2 3,281


Add this extra to make this game more fun for miners

4 +2 3,113

stellar pegasus

Sorting of messages (without addons)

1 +5 1,370

stellar pegasus

Make a window to appear in the galaxy screen so you can map out specific players planet coordinates

5 1,246

stellar pegasus

Really need a global Uni live chatroom

0 408

More Moons per Planet and More fields allowing resource buildings to be built on Moons!

6 1,955

Panda Rosso

Research techs that make individual ships stronger

0 471

Highscore position increase/decrease over the past day/3days/7days/2 weeks/month

3 735

Panda Rosso

Size comparison of all Ships and Defense Structures to each other

2 754

stellar pegasus

Auction chatbox, (or post-auction chatbox maybe)?

3 1,239


Gameforge generated bot accounts, 15-30k accounts per Uni again!!

0 590

Disable the buying of resources at the merchant for the first week of a new uni

1 +1 608


Make Ogame unplayable on Mobile devices

5 +1 3,152


One Global Ogame website, all servers connected there

0 +1 489