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  • WBB4.1 change

    iguypouf - - Feedback & Discussions


    Good Job ! For the modern design, it should be great to be able to hide without addblock the very big ogame picture on the top. It takes too much space on the screen. Another things which disappeared and was very useful is the link " go to the latest post " which was only visible where a new post was present. It was very more visible than the star on the author's post. For the rest, I hope this new release is available in French to have, finally, a French Board on the .fr community.

  • I can't change my password

    iguypouf - - General


    Does it mean that its not possible anymore to give an account to another player ? Thank you for answer, iguy

  • No labels are friendly displayed on the page. Migration of my "testorigin" account from Origin, and I reached this page : mini_759976Clipboard01.png mini_944545Clipboard02.png No cache, no cookies, Firefox. Same problem on account settings page, on my games pages. The URL shows en_GB as localization.

  • Imperor, NoMoreAngel, the author said : " Equation is not x10 eco + x1 fleet, but x10 eco + x1 fleet + Small Planets ". Its an important point, but there is also another important point : IT'S A PROPOSAL FOR AN ORIGINAL SPECIAL UNIVERSE. So the arguments like " you force everybody to play fleets ", or " you want nobody plays mines ", its not true because as far as, for instance, I never play the universe with big speed, the players who wants heavy mines will not play this new type of universe. S…

  • I said exactly the inverse... In the proposal, the x10 économy / x1 fleet IS BALANCED with the fact that the planets are very small. It means that the players, at one moment of the Universe life, will have no choice to... DO FLEET. Today after 4 or 5 years, the remaining players are trusted by farmers, and fleeters are more rare each day. This proposal can create an universe where this FACT ( its not my opinion ) can be false. And once again, its a proposal for a SPECIAL universe, not for all ne…

  • Sorry Imperor, but I think you have to take more time to analyse this suggestion. His suggestion is exactly against farmville : the planets will be full very quickly, so it means that the current life of a universe ( fleeters start fast, but die, farmers start light, but at the end are the most well ranked ) will not apply anymore. This suggestion can be a very strategic universe with a longer period of activity than the current one. This should definitely not become the general settings of univ…

  • I'm not sure it needs an upper limit to activate or not, I prefer a maximal size limit of the DF itself. Make it dynamic for example with the military ranking ( like the things found in expedition get higher when the top 1 overflows specific points steps ), for instance, the DF cannot exceeds the military points of the top 50 of the military ranking.

  • Quote: “ And for that case my personal opinion is like: if I loose really more then the defender and the defender get the whole debris field, it´s the fail fromt he attacker and a great work from the defender, ” Beuh ? A group of attacker have a unique occasion to hit the top fleet of the Universe, and change the future of it, but they know that probably it will be touchy to not loose too much. I don't call " great work " a top 1 that made a mistake, and thanks to 2 unbalanced features ( fast-cl…

  • Mmmm no I suppose the case he pointed out is that this can lead to avoid some borderline fights... And unfortunately it is borderline fights which made the history of a Universe, that give consistence to the life and motivation of an Universe. For example : Defender = 60M Fleet Points excluding Deut Attacker looses 20M Fleet Points on battle excluding Deut Defender Fast Clicks all cyclos, and get the whole Debris Field ( 80 * 30% = 24M ). The Defender rebuilds his WF ( lets say station 6, 35% > …

  • Its completely wrong. Some complex systems can completely avoid scripting or bot using on critical pages. For instance, routing the dom thanks to one-use-only dom structures. Question is not to know if its possible to stop bots, but if the work to do it is not to heavy regarding the damage of bot using.

  • Another good question from .fr : by " losing a fight ", you mean a total victory of the attacker ( with loots ), or just looses more than the attacker ? Does the wreck field pops up if some ships are still alive ?

  • And the units will be available directly one by one, or only at the end of the recovering procedure in one block ?

  • Bah, if the space dock level 5 changes from 31.5% to... say 35%, this cost is really enough... And don't forget that this have to be done on all of your planets !

  • Mmmm, its a but confused. It means that the ships will not be repaired at the same speed of a new one is produced, but at a speed allowing the game to repair everything in 12 hours ? So, potentially, any case the size of the WF is, you can empty the WF in 12 hours, right ?

  • Hello, Two questions about this new version : - To use the wreck field you don't have to pay any res ? - What's the speed of the construction / burning the wreck fields ? Its linked to the wreck dock's level, its linked to the nanites / spatial dock's levels, or its something different, or both ? Thank you

  • Vulca, a player suspected to bot can anywhere logs itself to the account It means that the player can fullfill the " test " and launch its script later. I don't think captcha is a good idea, something more complex can be set for the bots

  • Quoting post on origin board is not working, its really annoying. @Lord_ : Don't ask to the author why posting this here, and say later that you cannot know the reactions of the .org board... Its like answering yourself to your own question. Why having the pillory is necessary ingame ? - Because when I want to prepare a big operation, if the target or myself has a big fleeter banned in the system, I want to know if this can be a danger or not regarding the end of the ban. - Because, as a teamlea…

  • End of piloris

    iguypouf - - Feedback & Discussions


    Hide the reasons, why not ( even if this only thing is a bad idea regarding all the discussions on boards on the life of a universe ) ; But hide the whole ban list, and the durations, I can't understand. Its like setting your staffes in the lion's area Its additionally one difficulty ( one more ) for the managers of players team...

  • End of piloris

    iguypouf - - Feedback & Discussions


    Dear all, Can we have an explanation for the reasons of this ? I honestly think that this change will put very bad atmosphere : - between players and players - between players and operators By the way, organising a very hard operation which can be aborted ( or going not as expected ) because a very big fleets leave the pillory, as far as the ban duration will not be known anymore, will be very frustrating. We are in a world changing thanks to his new transparency, and GameForge chooses the other…

  • New update of this, regarding some interactions with other scripts. - An option for this script has been added and is now available directly on your Ogame Options, tab " Advanced ". If you check "Keep Vanilla Report Header", the summarized RE is not modified, only the complete and compatible report is loaded under the summary; Note that you don't have to save, just click on the checkbox. - The name of the res are loaded from the RE itself, and not hardcoded anymore - improve for internationalisa…