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  • As you know, In March, Added to new feature to Ogame Servers with name it "Hyperspace cargo feature" When you resarched to new level of Hyperspace Tech, Fleets Cargo Capacity increased with depend on base capacity. Detail:…e-cargo-feature-increase/? Could you add "hyperspace tech" calculation to Trash Sim

  • We can change language to what we want. Extension set language automatically what player's server. But I am playing another server my native language. If ı see supported language, I can pick it. Btw extension also supported my native language (turkish)

  • List & Filter Trash - Recycling

    byrallier - - Suggestions


    When we collecting to galaxy's coordinates, Extension could be collect Trash Amount . After that, extension could be list trash and we can filter to trash amount with certain coordinates and order that all. For recycling best & close trash.

  • I have an error at this line: p("player" + e.Application.ogame.playerId, e.Application.ogame.playerName), Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'player101637' of undefined at p (universeview.js:formatted:3394) at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (universeview.js:formatted:3183) language turkish.