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  • Yes, I agree with you vulca regarding the scrap merchant. However, a direct approach instead of rebuilding and then selling to merchant would be useful and less time consuming, especially for the cases that the player understands that there is no time for fleeting. I think complexity could be reduced that way. I also agree with decreasing the limit of points being destroyed in order to make the wreck fields appear.

  • Nice idea, it would be even better if double standards against attackers are removed. The point of this upgrade is to make players stop quitting. The defender has that benefit, the defenders usually are more careless and will benefit from that. Fleeters tend to play a lot more and spend time in the game and in the case of a big ninja, they do not have that benefit. The attacker might even be a new player sending all their ships on their first mission. Not fair at all, especially when someone has…