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  • grooming transactions has cleared and therefore ask close

  • Quote from JoKy: “The old servers are still there. Servers moved with new server number. Bevore servermove e.g. Bermuda was 671, not it is 801. The portal can´t handle this kind of change, also it can´t remove servers from your portal account. That´s why it will stay like this until the feature is included in the portal So, you have to login via normal startpage. LG ” Thank you for your answers if I delete my portal Bermuda from me and then investing a new Acoount, the login would be played thro…

  • Quote from echonia: “Bermuda does not use portal log in anymore you should sign in via ” If one comes purely to Bermuda no longer on the new portal, I wonder what it still is in my portal for selection?

  • Quote from JoKy: “Where do you get this? After which action? LG ” I get this message when in my portal then Ogame. Now I go only on Play Now and then a tab opens with the message Not Found The requested URL / portal / login was not found on this server

  • Quote from Shole: “All should be fine again. ” I think that the problem is resolved, but why then I get this message Not Found The requested URL / portal / login was not found on this server in my eyes I could not yet get this message if everything was Ok

  • Feedback on Bermuda

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    according to the following post the problem to be solved again here hence my question to the universe Bermuda. How can I get leigen the following message. Not Found The requested URL / portal / login was not found on this server When this issue should be range in falsities. Please I to shift by a moderator

  • WBB4.1 change

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    I think that what I have seen from the forum until now very good

  • Ich glaube , dass es eine sehr gute Idee. Aber ich denke auch , dass die Spiele von GF auch gut kommt , wenn alles zusammen auf einer Stele gebracht wird. Daher ein dickes Lob von mir

  • The Original Origin™ Spam thread

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    I personally think that the question of what spam is can be very hard to define because everyone puts other priorities which makes for him from spam.

  • a new ship

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    Hi I think that you can fix the problem with the RapidFire well, but then still the question whether the solution like the players (Hidden Content) The new ship could have the following Rapidfire: (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from gamer2014: “for example you cap the amount at 5k dm a day and you have to spend it in the next 7 days otherwise it would vanish. so ppl cant buy admiral for 3 months via this function” Hello Personally, I find this idea is not bad, but is currently still the question how much dark matter would get for an item from the auctioneer. Or how much you get for DM metal, crystal or deuterium

  • Hello When I read the opening speech on this subject correctly and understand, then there is in each galaxy to this universe other Vorraumsetzungen for the players. This in turn introduces me to the question what is a so-mentioned disadvantage compensation or would. Since one does not forget so should be the player to be located For example, in Galaxy 8 or 9, might feel at a disadvantage in comparison with players It is in galaxies 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7. yes so what shipspeed the Galaxy 8 and 9 the w…

  • Quote from stark: “I open this thread to discuss different ideas that could increase the number of players so please leave comments and I hope Gameforge will listen to us and implement some of them ingame. My suggestion is to remove account deletion after 35 days if there is no DM purchased.Many players raid inactives ,especialy on depopulated universes where even top players do that because they have no other targets.Some people raid inactives just because is easier than raiding active players …

  • Hello My thought behind this idea was simply that one if one has now to many raw materials or items can turn them into dark matter. Whether this idea is implemented or not, the others decide. Nevertheless, I am convinced that would make Ogame Interestingly this idea and so are also new players

  • Hello I've got a suggestion for the game I have not found so here in the forum. Therefore I present him here just once before. It is sometime the point is reached that one more commodities than you need so why not exchange something useful such as dark matter. Now some will say that there will be no more farms because all their resources against dark matter then. At this point, again I speak, because which could look like this: 10,000,000 commodities to 20,000 DM 20,000,000 commodities to 30,000…