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  • Hello Origin A GO from, Byelorussia, came up with a suggestion to the game that might be good enough to post here. We're mainly looking for feedback and of course, if it's good enough, to get the attention of people who can make it happen. Original suggestion here (Swedish) What we want to do is implement some short-term goals into the game by giving every player a "quest" every x days (for example x=2). Let's say you could have up to 3 quests active at once, and if you don't manage to …

  • This might potentially be related to the circular unis that was implemented today. When probing g1 --> g9 from the galaxy view, the probes are sent on 10 % speed even though the distance is only 1 galaxy. It works fine when sending the probe from the fleet menu, AGO doesn't automatically change the speed or so. Tested in 2 unis, but same AGO settings and version.

  • Yet it prevents the top player from defending an ally that needs him. The FS-point is useless since the lower ranked player can still be phalanxed. The bait-point is fairly decent I guess. Can't really say which I think is the most important, avoid baiting or being able to protect new players in the alliance, so I guess I'm gonna have to rely upon GF for once. Thx for the answers anyways.

  • Hey all! I just missed out a huge (for my points...) kill on an incoming fleet in a server on .us because an alliance mate couldn't ADS-defend me since I was within the noob protection. I don't know if it's a bug or if it's supposed to be this way, but it doesn't matter if this thread is a complaint, suggestion, or bug report, my point is still the same. Logically I find no reasons as to why you shouldn't be able to defend someone within the noob protection, but rather the opposite since you wan…