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  • Yes, some kind of boost is needed to get more NEW players in OLD Unis. Merging Unis is NOT a good solution long term. I agree with any solution that brings NEW players into an OLD universe. I also have an alternate suggestion that is similar to this one. See the link below. We need to gather support for some option like either the one on the thread here or the link below. board.origin.ogame.gameforge.c…-in-an-existing-Universe/

  • Moon Mining Rig

    2good4u - - Suggestions


    Great Idea, Plus Vote From Me

  • So currently all of the mines are designed so that lower level mines create more resources per resource spent on the mine compared to higher level mines. My suggestion to help lower ranked players while not hurting higher ranked players is to increase this difference between higher and lower level mines by increasing resources mined on all mines but increasing lower level mines more. One simple way to do this which would work longer term would be to have a monthly increase in mine production in …