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  • Well, if say one-one worth either way should be fine, and without a button. But I see what you are saying about the button. Instead of a penny for a penny, you get a dollar for a penny say to say. I think it is alright, but anytime, like 50k options would come would seem not as reasonable for the difference, and still highlighting the worth of say Dark Matter expenses for lesser Ships. By then the play to play worth of any would still support say the lesser of. But, one one worth on just a incre…

  • I still don't get it.. Why not just increase then the max amount allowed?? Why need to add a button or buttons, let alone change anything with layout?? Thanks, Kellogen

  • 9.. 9.. 9.. 9.. , enter .. halve order.. ?? enter .. halve order ?? There is say a noticeable difference, but I still just don't get it. Would seem easier to add that building ships could included say "pre-order" and settle for Resources being short to say halve afforded amounts before then still and elect to use Dark Matter to buy the remaining resources for the current order or it gets cancelled from the remaining units on. Have one Button for 999mil and go from there to say. Thanks, Kellogen

  • Maybe base of Espionage and interests of Traveling across different systems, example, Ally Support, Expeditions, Attacks, Transporting, etc.. Were just a "system" working is like 30mins and say "Interactive" working is like 10mins..realizing alot of people probably breakdown into the 25-15min range to others. Thanks, Kellogen

  • What is wrong with just inputing 9999, 4 numbers?? Thanks, Kellogen

  • Perhaps offer say a , "Bunker" feature to some point, rather it is called that or not. The Point of this feature is to offer the players a chance to use Dark Matter for when attacks acquires when otherwise Dark Matter can not be used. How this would work is during attack you could use things gained from Dark Matter "purchases" prior, to take effect for the attack, example Ships, Defenses, say Shields and anything else in etc. Anything before or after an attack is still say ones leisure as it wou…

  • Quote from TGWo: “I don't think it is a good idea, also if i can understand that could not like when happen. If attack will work as you propose, more players could organize a list of attack on same players (probably in different planets, but not always) and receive a lot of points. Now server check if an attack is good or bad only in the moment that really is done, not at start ........ so to see effect of movements of ships in that planet/moon. ” Yea, given if not mistaken, you can recall Fleet…

  • The reflections would be right, but still say the probably minus 15 Degrees, from the 90 Degree angle..given, the two branches in front of the person at the bottom would say the reflection details the reflected than say perceived from the perspective. Hence, still say a off-perspective even for the branch out of the head, but say still there. Thanks, Kellogen

  • Plasma Turrets at the time still are just more damaging than say for the expense of Rocket Launchers, Rocket Launchers would require more to work with at a cheaper price. Make sense really. Rate versus Amount, usually cheaper things will lose if you equal something else Amount worth for the Rate at which the cheaper thing is still cheaper of till then. Essentially say, you can have one before one with what is cheaper. Which I would say otherwise, is fairly standard really. Thanks, Kellogen

  • Stick/Branch coming out the persons' head?? Thanks, Kellogen

  • Planet Size

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    For why it is, might be for say a mid-point development interest across a broader spectrum, than say having less or too much, especially against nothing at all. Sounds like what is called to perhaps sustain more than maintain on anything attained, rather to retain or not of course. But I don't know, they may have more players playing across the difference Universes also. If so then say the rates would be the only difference and say inbetween the developments between any utilization would place w…

  • What are PTs?? Thanks, Kellogen

  • Missile Silo

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    Missile Silo should only be required for Level 1 to use Missiles, I can perhaps see Interplanetary Missiles taking the difference for Level 2, but even then doesn't seem quite as right once you factor say the 2-1 cost for the difference say again. If there are any ideas and/or thoughts out there least for why there is the current system I would appreciate it, but until then I would suggest an interest of Level 1 Missile Silo only be required to make Missiles say for the Facility requirements of …

  • Missile ACS

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    But wouldn't throwing 2000 Missiles say be the idea for Missiles to kinda use in the first place?? I like the interest behind this idea, but does highlight some good reasonable points for why having it could take some time to do. Thanks, Kellogen

  • A few ideas on OGame

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    Quote from scorer: “Quote from Mylil: “The reason it was in sharp decline and many people stopped playing is really, really simple. Reason 1: Commander and officers was the first wave in the decline. Reason 2: Battlecruisers - An OP ship that violated design guidelines that invalidated two core ships of the time [Battleships and Heavy Fighters] before more balancing was done. Reason 3: Nail in the coffin - Pay to Win DM overload that sacrificed all the competitive integrity of the game and repla…

  • Anyone know if trashsim is just an export of the old Simulator?? Thanks, Kellogen

  • I'm lost on what you mean for your question.. Multiple-Attacks for one place to attack or An attack for a place has waves for the one attack ?? Thanks, Kellogen

  • There used to be a Simulator for OGame and if still remember correctly, had many options.. I know this thread is old, but still, anyone know what happened to it?? Thanks, Kellogen

  • I like the interest but without say further breakdown, other than mid-way achievements to the say prospective regards and/or interests, the upgrades would tend to lead where things are probably now just with bigger numbers. Of course, times things will out number the numbers to say of course, but still without numbers to have. For Honor Points' Level is difference the shift might not be say radical enough for the advantage-disadvantage then but say still highlight Fighters versus Cruisers of cou…

  • Fuels costs seem last resort really for interest of a Battleship, but in regards just think Rapidfire is still base 1 principle when say the worth of its' dynamics is really of multiple conjecture. Given, say attack is attack, but say attacking with attack would say multiple ways to attack would change attacking for any attack, and essentially would be not but say for any amounts. Big, small, fast, slow, and even alot or little would have no value but for any variable for say an amount. Rapidfir…