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  • Why do you rule out inattention? User mistake can cause problems, and this is allowed by the interface.

  • Quote from TGWo: “uhm ........... and why someone should gift to me an account without tell me that he is doing it? Sound very strange as fraud that a friend gift to me his account, talking to sit account ........ or that an unknow players ask to me to sit his account ” Yes, it can be deceiving or confusing, and you will find out only after using this code. Codes do not have differences in length and are entered in one field.

  • Now gift and sitting codes are entered in the same field, so user is completely not immune to fraud. For example, if gamer said that he was giving siting code, but actually gave gift code, system-lobby will not warn you about it. Therefore, I propose to make two different fields or windows for different codes so that they only accept codes of their type!

  • Nixian Raid Tracker

    Asiman - - New Tools


    I have no problems getting cr-code JavaScript Source Code (16 lines)But with eventList data, only ajax

  • more code = more bugs I think the antigame functions should have been added to the game long ago, but didn't they promise it? But thanks to the developers for the ability to create scripts. You can put a lot of convenient scripts for yourself, and for others unnecessary, and it will not allow you to slow down the game much.

  • Quote from Flagada: “Hello, Solar satellites are missing in the defender’s simulation Thank you for all you do ” board.origin.ogame.gameforge.c…eb7246883ac9b52b20229d349

  • Pls, fix url for Ogniter in Tools: ->

  • @Charlie, players who suggested it, reported, no other colors needed. This will only confuse. Priority only vacation mode for highscores.

  • I know script exists, but this functionality is needed in the game.

  • Needs player statistic color at general, combat, economic and research: hp player - yellow, player in vacation mode - blue, newbie - green, inactive player - black, others - white.

  • Name OGame Auction Hotkeys - Info: Raise the bet: q - metal, w - crystal, e - deuterium. Make a bet - r. - Author: Deimos - Website: - Support: in this thread - Download: - Screenshot: none - Browser: Firefox and Chrome - Languages: not required

  • Please, make cookies for language or set language by specifying sr-code (sr-ru-142-4adb150e4075c730d60915644fb8b8055c3c8e0f)

  • TopRaider RU Translation (96%)

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    'Booster'=> "Бустер", 'Delay'=> "Задержка", 'Advence'=> "Прогресс", 'nbExpe'=> "№ Эксп", 'moyExpe'=> "В среднем", 'forumLink'=> "Если у вас есть вопросы, предложения или вы хотите добавить / обновить перевод, перейдите по ссылке : ", 'ResetStat'=> "Сбросить статистику экспедиции", 'SurResetStat'=> "Вы действительно хотите сбросить статистику экспедиции ?", 'yourRE'=> "Шпионские доклады (ШД)", 'listere'=> "Список моих шпионских докладов", 'REalli'=> "Шпионские доклады моего альянса", 'yourSpy'=> …

  • OGame API not work

    Asiman - - Bug Reporting


    OGame API not work

  • Quote from Ressei: “There seem to be a problem with the API's?.. When trying to load API into trashsim i get the message An error (4002) occurred while fetching your espionage report Does anyone have any explanation/fix to the problem?. ” It`s problem game server API

  • 6006 l. fighters disappeared

    Asiman - - Bug Reporting


    6006 l. fighters disappeared in Ashot account. Other battles did not take place during this period. first battle 03.09.2017 05:09:13 (cr-ru-142-6ab057855a74a59c6e8aaf15d373c9e27ac95df3): [Po] [LULI] 6poHeHoceu_noTeMkuH, [LULI] Destroyer vs. Ashot, [MTR] GurD, [Bermudas] Zapio, [MTR] Demon, [MTR] Pony (214.871.000,, 03/09/17) [-35.8KK] second fight 03.09.2017 05:09:44 (cr-ru-142-b47a51adeae7660edd1e48f4b44b8183af4ed531): [Po] [LULI] 6poHeHoceu_noTeMkuH vs. Ashot, [MTR] GurD, [Bermudas]…

  • Turkish Translation

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    (Hidden Content)

  • TopRaider RU Translation (96%)

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    ru.png Translation : 96% OK (Hidden Content)

  • Show Players' Status in the Highscores - Info : Colors the player names in the Highscores the same way they look in the Galaxy - Author : Vesselin Bontchev (fix for 6.0.9 by Artemiy Sergeev) - Website :…-status-in-the-highscores - Support :…status-in-the-highscores/ - Download :…0the%20Highscores.user.js - Browser : all - Languages : all 21/01/2016 | Tool submitted for toleration by Shole