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  • Thanks for your report. We work on fix it rapidly

  • Hi, thx for your message. Bug is now reported, hope that will be fixed as soon as possible

  • Quote from Valent: “The danger of blind farming is that a defender can easily have some defence you can't see (as you don't have the probes yet) or he can use half/ finish buttons to build some. Lower ranked players don't have defence yet, so you're looking for those. ” and then: Quote from Valent: “The really patient attackers may also want to check research score, as research lab needs deut, which meakes shipyard and rocket launchers more likely. Check the fleet stats before every attack to be…

  • Suggestion from pl board user Pazik: Problem: We are able to send messages to directly one rank in the alliance, but when they recieve them, they have information that those was send to all members (circular message). It's annoyng when we have to put information in the end that we send those messages to one rank and asking not to share with the others. Fix: The request is to show to which rank message was send, when this option have been choosen.

  • fleet dissapeared

    Dziuba - - General


    Quote from Paindeliver: “No, account deletion here takes 7 days. That means you have 75 minuts to farm those accounts from the moment they turn (i)” Accounts delete in the night after 35 days of unactivity, (i) means 7 days of it and (iI) 28. Fleet disappearing is well known bug, but they should get back. Someday..