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  • Quote from Molle: “There is a slight listing error, when the military points exceed 10 mil AND the fleet exceeds 1 mil ships. The list is somewhat messed up/not listed as intended. ” Hi Molle, thanks for the report and sorry for the delay in the response, I just uploaded a fix to this in Firefox and Chrome, waiting for approval. Opera will take a bit more time.

  • [Bugfix] Undefined text on Alliance Military Points.

  • @Charlie sorry for the long time to respond, I will release bugfix, thanks for the info

  • Now supports Opera browser!

  • Ogame - Help

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    There are browser extensions that translate entire web pages, you could try that: Google Translate for Chrome Google Translate for Firefox

  • Changelog v1.8: Bug fix: Function to see Fleet size on Highscore works now for all country's / universes. Incoming: Opera support. (already submitted waiting approval).

  • New feature: Check players fleet size next to their military points (no more need to mouse over each players points to see it). Thanks to Warsaalk for all the help provided in this feature! b828o-7vRaKpF3U4hbp7FA.png

  • There's only one problem, mine was created in 2017: saB--tvrQcKOMRWHQPKpjw.png A_59YM0DRd_daJmOs9-LWg.png And got already +60 users, I just wanted to have it approved, it was made long time before your post and source code It's nothing even close, I have 34 lines and you 163 lines.

  • Ogame Fleet Counter - Info: Shows fleet points in shypyard tab - Author: Gei - Ogame: 6.1 - Website: No website. - Support: Board/Email. - Download: Firefox , Chrome, Opera - Screenshot: Screenshot1 , Screenshot2. - Browser: Chrome, Firefox. - Compability: Compatible with all scripts. - Languages: English.

  • Hi, when sending a colonization, it sends 2 missions exactly the same (same fleet) 1s after each other

  • Sharing Attacks Events

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    Hi, so my idea was to players getting attacked being able to share all the incoming attack's events with some other player, the reason why: I've seen a lot of players going to help someone and because the other person faked the number of ships the attacker had, etc, they get crashed (I know, disgusting thing to do, but people do it) and I fell like players know that and sometimes they decide not to help. Info to share (example): 1. Attackers nick; 2. Planet of Origin; 3. Time that the attack hit…