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  • Quote from TGWo: “Are you joking, true ? ” No. I play ogame right now just because of this sh thing. Quote from TGWo: “If he is a bad guy, he is not a my friend ” Even friend can become a bad guy sometimes. Most especially in ru-community. Its just life bro. Quote from TGWo: “I have no moral obligation to him ” 2 him maybe. But there can be your ex-alliance, and players, who need that fleet everyday without v-icon, right?

  • Quote from Guderian: “Or you can just ignore the account you don't want to play on? ” 2 weeks v-mode for top fleet with top mines, r u crazy? My heart will bleed, how about that?

  • You completely dont understand! When I dont want to play this game again, but someone tells me "its just sitting, just for few hours", I enter the code and - TA-DAM! - account is my own. Bad guy is free now, I must play for 2 weeks and search for next victim. Thats awful and terrible, please do something with that!