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  • Security and handling of passwords

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    Quote from JoKy: “There are no plans to change that behavior. ” Quote from JoKy: “The reason is the usability and the experience of many years with that game. There was that behavior to not send passwords in the mail > problem: users did not find the way back into the game, ” Quote from JoKy: “P.S.: Just to be sure, passwords are secure stored. No one can figure out your password, also no teamler, coma and also no developer. ” JoKy explained. So passoword is crypted and stored. If that first par…

  • Closed. New requesting thread is active with thread post template: [New] API Key requests

  • [New] API Key requests

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    Dear users, As you know, the OGame development team decided to offer to players a new tool for the development of user scripts. Please read this for more information: Dev Post: Planned new API for retrieval of combat reports. You can make comments here: New API for retrieval of combat reports Previous thread to API key request can be found at: Applications for API Keys And also here: [Old] API Key requests - second edition As all of you have already noticed the process of generating and distribu…

  • @eResnova, now all fine, sent. @barrage125, sent message, waiting... @Hagbard, sent.

  • Forbidden. As benneb said, and some things more. Contact for more info. Thread closed and links from post removed. Use of this extension is strictly forbidden and users who use it will be banned.

  • Ignorance

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    @Pawel, we are sorry and sad that you have made that decision. But this is one of things that you are wrong. When retro server was activated it was announced that it may last few weeks, few months, year or two, also it could crash any time, that it is low priority and that no developer is assigned to this project. So here we are 1 year,1 week and 2 days after opening of retro server, it is closed now. Since all that was told before opening of retro server, you could have decided if you want to p…

  • EMPIRE view miss aligned

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    Will be fixed in next update. Soon.

  • @Jacchus, sent., sent. @Largo Winch, sent. @luckygulli, sent. @eResnova, waiting for Email and IP info.

  • Closed, contact me on private.

  • Hello, i don't see the real problem here. I tested it and it seems to work very well. It is feature to be able to spy easy. Best regards

  • AntiGameOrigin

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    Dear AntiGameOrigin users, first of all we have noticed in last time lot of 5 star user reviews for our extension. We are glad to see that and also to see that much users really like to use this extension. Because all of that we have decided to make AntiGameOrigin extension compatible for multi process on FireFox. That is huge step to do and also bring us lot of new work. So plan is to rewrite whole source code, with doing that we expect better loading times and possibilities to add new features…

  • Hehe, yeah it was like that for 24h, because i turned off server for maintenance and than after it i forgot to turn on apache web server, so yeah.

  • Retro server : reopening

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    Retro universe is now online again.

  • Dear players, board.origin.ogame.gameforge.c…35f00fad78f2645689ff240fe OGame.RU x5 fleet, x5 eco, 6 galaxies, 70% DF, +25 fields, 0.5 deuterium consumption OGame.BR x2 fleet, x3 eco, 6 galaxies, 70% DF, +25 fields, 0.5 deuterium consumption OGame.TR x3 fleet, x5 eco, 60% DF, 5 galaxies, +25 fields, 0.7 deuterium consumption, 25k starting DM, linear solar system OGame.RO x3 fleet, x6 eco, 70% DF, 5 galaxies, +25 fields, 0.7 deuterium consumption, 25k starting DM OGame.ES x4 fleet, x4 eco, 7 galax…

  • Quote from Chaussette: “for (quint8 j = 0; j < 6; ++j) ” why do you use here pre decrement?

  • Payment Maintenance on 22.03.2017

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    Maintenance is over, and all is working again as it should. Best regards, Origin Team

  • Payment Maintenance on 22.03.2017

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    Dear players, payment maintenance is scheduled for Wednesday, 22.03.2017 14:00 pm. All payment services, on all communities will be offline. Expected down time is ~2hours. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. Best regards, Origin Team

  • Sent additional information to both of you.

  • Imperium View

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    Quote from benneb: “and additionally i don't have set option to style empire view, but AGO add some unwanted CSS ” Will be possible to disable that in next version, soon it will be update.

  • SELLING DEUT for METAL rate xxx

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    Not allowed trade ratio.