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  • well at some point i would at least get a reply, even if ot's a clear no (despite i wouldn't understand it juste the last hof here:…uu=on&isCenter=1&isDark=1 ) just rebuilding the light ship'll take days/Weeks even when splitting xD lets not talk about the rest it make no sense

  • so? is there anything to do to rly give this a chance to move on/progress or is it just suposed to be forgotten?

  • Quote from Charlie: “Quote from jerome020040: “for that people with just use dm the already do it and 'll keep on it ” clicking takes time. And lets do the best scenario 9999 xx ships every 2 seconds Now let’s say I can do LF in milliseconds... that when things get worse. Do not think I do not like your idea, I do like it. But seeing your idea together with the others as removing the 9999 ships amounts per block make noise in my head ” this aint an ogame like with *100+speed xD i would suggest t…

  • for that people with just use dm the already do it and 'll keep on it and on a *7 universe (one i'm playing on) it take nanite 6 already to put lf under 1sec so it's not like you can have a huge amount of ship made in the last second before impact anyway, none that would change the outcome at least

  • Hi, As it it now, pass a moment we can have both lf et ds made in 1sec Not only is it not logical for those 2 ship to be made in the same time it completely destroy the utility of really building nanite up And for hight fleet he can also really make a change when you crash a big part of it Why not allowing building time to go under 1sec? Is it impossible?

  • New way to earn DM

    jerome020040 - - Suggestions


    Hi, For long in the game you can click on "earn dm" and you end with a survey system, that sometime work other not, the obligation to create a new email each time and such. I would like to offer a new system, that could replace or just be a bonus. Why not, like many site nowadays, charity and other, set a advertissement system. The player look a 30sec advertissement => he recieve some am and the gf get some cash. This works well already in many case and it would be much better then this survey s…

  • DiDf mean def in the debris field? if that's it do you realise what DiDF uni become? none of them rly stay active for long and for a reason

  • Hi, Wouldn't it be possible to give us the option to choose our time zone when playing on a universe? So i can play on lets say us universe and have the right time for me visible. This shouldn't be that much to add

  • while this could be interesting for both player and gameforge (publicity for those who dont know about it) i doubt it it would mean we get 1 free dm when creating a count to actually do it, i cant rly picture gf doing that

  • while i would love that ... i seriously doubt there'll be a step back on something already done :s

  • Hi there, Just saw this new update coming soon. While i can, in a way, understand it with the recent merge, the very few location available and such it seem quite unfair. For some time now many have done colo in p3 in order to move them (with am they have paid for) in p15. Allowing them a ~190-200size planet with ~-100° While it was certainly their choice to do so, they did it with quite some amount of cash and trust in the game how it is. Now this 6.8.3 update kick in and set quite a mess. Play…