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  • It's hard to pick an exact number for a time frame for me since I don't agree with the concept of force moving a V-mode player. Really to me, in my experience, is that this is just a method for getting in-system with someone you want faster access to hit. If it is to get to better farming grounds or something...well...there's got to be close alternatives not in a locked system. One system, two systems...hell, even 10 systems off of a "hot" farming area isn't that big a deal is it? And I get it, …

  • An story/anecdote/quote every day

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    "In every journey there comes a moment... one like no other, and in that moment you must decide between who you are... and who you want to be" - J.C. Marino

  • I think the unmentioned problem here is that some players go to systems where long time V-moded account is in order to use them to create a blocked system for protection. If I want to have a "safe" place so that I can't be raided from in-system, it is a viable tactic to enter and make a blocked system with these types of abandon accounts. Why would it then be allowed that an enemy can come and "swap" out so he can be in-system with me? If there are no other planets to "swap" with, what if my all…

  • Seems just as likely a chance for upset participants to insult or threaten each otehr, and who polices that?

  • Quote from piink: “If you really are a GO you know this is not the right place to talk about internal tools. ” I really am a GO, and I don't think it's a secret that a tab has to be open to perform GO functions. After all, who would think I do it using mental powers? I appreciate the clear and thoughtful answers to the questions I asked.

  • Quote from NoMoreAngel: “And what is the reason that you post this in the lobby feedback? This has no connection to the lobby. ” BTW, I think this has EVERYTHING to do with lobby feedback. If you don't want player's concerns about a change, just go head and make the change and don't ask the feed back.

  • Fantastic effort to correct something that isn't really broken while known errors remain unresolved. Ok, ok, negative comment complete. Lots of posts here, my question is: Once I'm "linked" into the lobby and log in, will it automatically open a tab for every game account I have and log in? And more importantly, will they all have to remain logged in while I play? I have a number of accounts, and I'm a GO, so I already have to have a lot of AT tabs open...some of us don't have super computers to…

  • Dyson Shroud

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    Absolutely incredible! This is probably the best original idea for the game since the battle cruiser or Plasma Tech for mine increases. I love that you have this exceptionally well thought out, laying out all the mechanics with the pros, cons, limitations and benefits. It also seems very well balanced to benefit both miners and fleeters which is a very tall order. I also see use of some of the "useless" techs at higher than normal level and I've always loved that research should rea…

  • Well, here's my simple request: Newtron boosters knock 6 hours, 2 hours, or a half hour off researches currently. While in a young universe this may be significant, it's rather useless a few months into a Uni, or even, like myself, years into an account. For instance, with IRN 9 with all level 15 labs involved, my very shortest research in my x4 speed Uni is 2 weeks 4 days. It seems worthless to knock off even 6 hours off that. Yes, yes, I realize I could speed things up with more IRN levels, mo…