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  • Yea, I figured some of those features could be planned for the future. About the type thingy, don't really see the point of it, you can be a fleeter or a miner regardless of the uni specs. Some fleeters prefer the slower speeds others prefer the higher speeds, same goes for miners or other play styles.. But it's not a big deal anyway. And yes, I could delete the account, but still takes a few days for it to be done.

  • Tried this new lobby thingy, it seems to work fine.. I have a few questions/comments about it: - What's that "Type" thing for? It shows me that all universes are balanced, but how do they even get sorted out as balanced, unbalanced or whatever? - The Rank info doesn't seem to be working (only tried for a few minutes tho). Not sure if this will only display the rank, but I'd consider also displaying the total of registered accounts along it (and eventually displaying the points when the mouse hov…