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  • Sorry but my scripting knowledge is very limited, however I can tell you that the previous version (the one that was only in French) worked fine but with the only failure in the visualization stage of the summary I have also noticed that you depend on the appearance of a specific word to select the language and not of the metadata of the page in which this appears (or it could also be from the last two letters of the server's name)

  • hi, the script don't work, it keeps "loading" but never ends I play in the spanish (.es) comunity and use Opera 60.0.3255.56 with Tampermonkey 4.8.5890 I also take benefit and send you the translations into Spanish: Source Code (11 lines)and one more request: it would be possible to choose (or limit) the reporting load to the current date (or one chosen in specific)

  • constant trade rate

    Aonikenk - - Suggestions


    No new news, in spanish servers is the [not write] rule, live with it

  • API for attacking fleets

    Aonikenk - - Suggestions


    Hi, Would it be possible to create an API button for the attacking fleets, as there are for the defending fleets? This would only need to show what is seen in the event view: origin and composition of the attacking fleet (and this to the extent allowed by our level of espionage) without any information of combat or engines technologies I think it would be very useful to save time in loading all this data to the simulator, especially if it is an ACS attack Thanks for your time reading this, good …

  • Quote from Panda Rosso: “It is not for the space dock and terraformer ” you're right, I was almost sure that it showed the energy needed for those buildings but I see that I was wrong

  • Quote from Panda Rosso: “It would be really good if you can add on the "buildings menù" the energy needed for each level. Cause now it shows only the main three resources, and if you go far on the menù to see how much a building cost you'll never see the energy needed for it (ex. terraformer). Anyway thank you for what you're doing. You're doing a great work. ” the energy needed for a required level (or serie of) is showed at the info window of the building board.origin.ogame.gameforge.c…89ab422…

  • Quote from stellar pegasus: “I was wondering if Gameforge can make their own version of a player coordinate mapping window, where you can find a target and enter in their coordinates of all their planets so you can keep track of them. I know about Antigame and UniverseView, i just dont like how they make the game look and feel. They change a lot of other things too. I like the original Ogame webpage look but with a small window added somewhere on the screen where you can enter player's planet co…

  • Quote from Warsaalk: “Sure, I'm already working on an update where this will be fixed! ” really thank you very much

  • Quote from Warning: “Hello , I don't know if it is a known bug .. but i have to report it .. The deut profit calculated always as deut factor = 1 .. so if you have 0.5 as deut factor it shows the deut consumption as 0.5 but it is substracted from the deut profit as deut factor = 1 : here is an example : Here we have the deut factor = 1 : Fuel Consumption = 2.742.858 and the deut profit is = 2.742.858 which is right .. So now if we change the deut factor to 0.5 that whats happe…

  • Bad, bad idea, I give more value to my privacy than a (not so) free game then I don't want to share my phone number to any enterprise to make more profit from my data If anything of this kind is implemented I sure quit to play I have more problems from players DMing all in the game than from the bots who I can farm too

  • there is a old script that do this