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  • Quote from Charlie: “Looks really good! There was an old site before OGame Redesign which had four share types. I think that with that two options is more than enough, and the fact of adding fuel cost is also nice. Congratz @ofkologlu! P.S: Let me know if you need help with translations, .AR, .ES and .MX gonna love it! ” Thank you, Yes, I need help with translations I'll write you after the tool is tolerated.

  • Hi everyone, I developed a new web app for acs debris sharing. App Url: First enter your compat report API key and select side for sharing debris. You can share the link which create by app, so your friends can see the results, add debris api keys and edit the fuel costs. You can select sharing type as equal profit or by fleet strenght. Enter trading rate and metal ratio to fix deuterium lost. You can edit the fuel cost by player. And here is some screenshots in app. 1 - Homepage bo…

  • [New] API Key requests

    ofkologlu - - OGame API


    Hello, - Brief description of the tool that will be developed with the API key I'd like to build a ACS distribution tool. - Scope of your project: Personal, Alliance, Community or International. For OGame TR. - Will it be open source? No - A brief description of your developer / programming experience More than 5 years with C# and 10 years with Web Technologies. -Link and description of previous work (tools already developed) Not yet. - Valid email and the IP address from which the key will be u…