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    El Kaixer - - General


    Hello everyone! To see if this is encouraged a bit and people are encouraged to write something here . And I inform you that my messages will be written in Spanish and translated based copy and paste into the translator , my English level B1 not give much and honestly , I refuse to write in English and apparently an Indian lol I do not think there objection to this as our CoMa 1 month ago was not Spanish and often pulled translator as I do now . Regards! Quote: “¡Hola a todos! A ver si se anima …

  • I won't play without ACS and a lot of players from think like me. There are over twenty universes in each community and only one or two are without ACS, that means playing without ACS don't like us. Once again, you've made ​​a bad decision, congratulations GF.

  • BUG Materia Oscura

    El Kaixer - - Archive - OGame Planet


    Hola, quería reportar un BUG que se ha producido en el universo Bermuda. He creado hoy mi cuenta a las 3:00 am. por curiosidad. En la siguiente imagen se puede apreciar que la cantidad de M.O. que hay en mi cuenta no es coherente con la M.O. que he gastado realmente. Había activado el comandante primero y luego activé amplificadores de metal, cristal y por último, deuterio. Al activar el último amplificador de deuterio la M.O. volvió a ponerse en 10.000.000 y solo se me descontaron 25.000 de M.O…