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  • Hello there, We have a problem during one of our tests: We are as far as sending our first 'get' request to your server, but we got a StatusCode 401 (= UnAuthorized). Probably this is due to: 1) The site is deployed on Azure, and currently the site is using one of a range of 4 IP-addresses. 2) the IP address we passed before is NOT in that list Is there way to solve this? Thanks in advance, Actress and Dad.

  • Short description of tool to be developed using the API key: ACS Profit distribution calculator. Scope of your project: English community only for the moment. Will def. look into translating once the tool is running smooth. Open source: I'm more than willing to help out other tool developers with my experience and will most likely create a step by step guide once this tool is finished. developer/programming experience: My dad and I are the ones working on this tool. He's tutoring me with his 30+…

  • Hello, I'm in the proces of developing an ACS profit split calculator. Is it possible to provide me with an (example) api file containing a cr with multiple acs partners? Kind regards!

  • Another option would be to be able to relocate to every spot instead of 1-3 4-12 13-15. Honestly i don't see why they made it so not viable to colonize the outer regions of the galaxy. Even with relocating from spot 3 and buying the +planet size and terraformer it's not as viable as having a normal 200+ planet that you can upgrade fully. The increased deut production is too smal in order to balance out the planet size problem there is now. Did i even mention the increased cons of having to power…