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  • Origin and ORG/EN Board Merge

    NoMoreAngel - - Origin


    Dear Players/Developers, as some of you probably have heard already, the Gameforge is planning to update their boards to WBB5. With this update a few smaller boards are going to get closed, one of those boards will our. When this update will happen isn't known yet. With the update our board will be set to read only and we would get sections on the .org/en board then. As we only will have a few sections then and not a whole board for us, we are going to need to slim down our board, but the main t…

  • Posting for a user: I have a proposal to improve trashsimis it possible to add an option to move the order of slots after sim.e.g. I simulated with 6 slots (3 attacker a 2 fleets)now I want to move slot 2 and 4 to position 4 and 5

  • Relocation - DM Abuser

    NoMoreAngel - - Bug Reporting


    It was easter-weekend, noone was working at GF. It isn't considered a bug and stays as it is.

  • Quote from Assimilator: “Quote from NoMoreAngel: “Asked again when you posted, no answer yet. ” Still no answer? ” Nope, but checked the API and the Lobby, in both things it is called Leo now.

  • Request API Key

    NoMoreAngel - - OGame API


    As it would be a client side programm, there is no way we can give you an API-Key. A rule for the API-Keys is that you can't share them. Maybe you should just parse the html content of the page and check it for the infos you need and not go the way via API.

  • [New] API Key requests

    NoMoreAngel - - OGame API


    Quote from jeffreyhsu: “*** Short description of tool to be developed using the API key *** --> To analyze the best target. *** Scope of your project: Personal, Alliance, Community or International. *** --> Personal *** Will be open source? *** --> no *** A short description of your developer / programming experience *** --> I'm a full-stack developer (Java, Python, NodeJS, Go, Web)for 12 years experience. *** Link and description of previous work ( tools already developed ) *** --> N/A *** Vali…

  • Patching rules on trade & push

    NoMoreAngel - - Suggestions


    Isn't that the way the current push rules are enforced anyways? Atleast I didn't spot anything new, could you point out whats new in your suggestion?

  • AntiGameOrigin is no longer tolerated. If you want to continue to use it's functionalities, you need to switch to AntiGameReborn

  • Newly tolerated: ISS Share - ACS Sharing Tool

  • [New] API Key requests

    NoMoreAngel - - OGame API


    All Keys except the last two posts have been sent out as we needed to request new Keys from the Devs first.

  • Asked again when you posted, no answer yet.

  • Rules bermuda?

    NoMoreAngel - - Feedback & Discussions


    They don't apply. Only rules like insults and other T&C-breaches apply.

  • Also asked the GF that now, lets wait for an answer

  • Probably from stuff that was meant to get implemented but never was implemented/hasn't been implemented yet. Could you check if the items you have in your signature on the .de board have those IDs?

  • We already asked the 2FA/MFA, not only the way you described it, but also with an Authenticatorapp. They said no. For the TOR thingy: The TOR IPs are changing to often, they would need to programm something that fetches all Exit-Nodes daily, too much work for too little of a "profit". If you play via TOR or VPN, thats the easiest ban ever, there GOs don't even need to proof that you are playing multiple accounts, as hiding your IP is against the T&Cs.

  • Haven't gotten any feedback yet except that they are checking it. So I just checked it and the universe is now correctly named Pegasus.

  • Forwarded it to GF, lets wait for an answer.

  • Dear players, We’re conducting server maintenance starting at 00:30 (CET) on 28/11/2018. Our web services and servers will be unavailable during this time. The reason for this is the relocation of our datacentre: it is possible that the maintenance will last longer than usual. In future we will have access to better technology to provide an even smoother game experience. Between 27/11/2018 at 20:00 and 28/11/2018 at 23:59 (CET) we will activate an attack ban to ensure your accounts are protected…

  • It shouldn't remove all inactives, just the ones that aren't viaable for the uni. For example the ones under 1kk/500k points. Those are too small for anyone but noobs to farm.

  • With the merge a few active unis are now overcrowded in the 4-12 planetarea. You might have gotten a lot of free relocations but you can't really use them because there are inactives and v-moded user everywhere. The suggestion is to make a second, instantaneous, merge in which all players in vmode and inactive longer than 6 months get removed from the servers and put into a holding universe. Same should apply for inactives under a certain point limit (depending on the uni). The holding universe …