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  • Quote from Warsaalk: “@RiV- Thanks for the report. There was something wrong with my cache server, the TTL didn't seem to work correctly. Should be fixed now! ” Great, thank you!

  • @Warsaalk Some unis in DE have 550 systems and 13 galaxies, but TrashSim doesn't take those values automatically. For example s127de: Could you have a look and maybe update those values daily/weekly?

  • Hi, I don't think that would be allowed.

  • Those labels are used in resource settings.

  • Quote from Salih: “Current version: 7.0.3 ” He is using AntiGameOrigin.

  • Version is now available: [Localization] Some French localization [Bugfix] CSS fixes in galaxy [Polishing] Disable Ctrl + arrow keys shortcut in text fields [Polishing] Added option to disable Ctrl + arrow keys shortcut [Bugfix] Collect routine breaks after relocation [Bugfix] Data gets corrupted if there are buildings in queue in empire view [Feature] Buddies and alliance members are shown in share report overlay [Bugfix] Lanx range in donutSystem universes [Feature] AGRBox top left ico…

  • Version is now available and also a hotfix along with it ( Changelog 6.8.3: [Polishing] Started unminifying code [Feature] Added base frame for native TrashSim support [Polishing] Removed non-functional Scripts button/fair play policy/version check completely [Bugfix] Wrong calculation of max. buildable units (affecting x10 button) [Feature/Bugfix] Correct calculation of jump gate cooldowns with level higher than 1 [Feature] Ability to scroll through planets/moons with Ctrl + Ar…

  • Yes, but if people come to me and report bugs that are caused by another addon/script, the first thing I do is to tell them to deactivate the features added by that addon. And AGR actually lets you deactivate literally every feature one by one, or all features on a page altogether even.

  • Quote from Warsaalk: “Just like your thread about my features on the messages page. ” So this is just about "what goes around, comes around"? Nice. Also, maybe have a look at the thing you're criticising before doing so: board.origin.ogame.gameforge.c…cf71da88ac2062636c730672b Because ticking that option lets those letters magically disappear.

  • I probably could. But finding it in the code, and finding the use of it, and changing it in a way it doesn't break 10 other things, that's another thing. What is the problem of the added letter anyway? Do you need the player ID? Can't you regex the digits?

  • Version was released on 18th October: [Feature] x10 button in shipyard and defense

  • Version 6.8.0 changelog: [Misc] Renamed addon to AntiGameReborn [Bugfix] The spy table now works fully with UniverseView installed [Bugfix] Fixed a bug that occured when using the alternative redirection when sending fleets Version changelog: [Feature] x10 button in shipyard and defense

  • And please add overview to the tooltip of moons

  • Features on the message page

    RiV- - - Suggestions


    Quote from Warsaalk: “A good portion of my users also don't use AGO and only UV, so why wouldn't we be allowed to change things on the messages page? My extension is mainly to give fleeters shortcuts for searching, simulating & attacking... So adding things to messages is a logical step. ” I understand that. That's why I suggested a "basic" and an "extended" mode. For me personally, and I feel like I am not the only one thinking like that, I don't install UV so it makes my messages page more bea…

  • Features on the message page

    RiV- - - Suggestions


    Quote from Charlie: “Now, I think that for AGO any app can produce problems, as AGO tries to cover everything. So there can be tons of conflicts with other extensions. ” If other extensions make their added elements unique there is no problem in adapting AGO to work with it. My problem is this: SpoDc2z.png In the DOM it looks like this: 2dWLI7e.png The third <div class="compacting">...</div> is added by UniverseView. And it looks just like the other rows. Now this would be absolutely no problem …

  • Features on the message page

    RiV- - - Suggestions


    I get a lot of bug reports for AGO not working properly together with UV, mainly regarding the messages page. While I try fixing those bugs as best as I can, I still have issues with UV changing stuff on the messages page like adding elements to spy reports. My issues are: - The added elements look just like the OGame-native elements in the code and thus aren't distinguishable. So I can't just tell AGO to ignore those. If you add elements please make them unique and easily identifiable as UV-spe…

  • I find this quite amusing tbh

  • Ok. Wow. This just beats everything. @Shole released a new Firefox version 2h ago that fixes the issue that @Chewbacca mentioned earlier. I wanted to know what he changed to fix it, so I took a look at his files. What I found was the height of impudence: @Shole blatantly copied my code changes, line by line. I will demonstrate this with a simple tool that shows code differences. I downloaded both versions of Shole's AGO (7.0.2 and 7.0.3) and compared the files (you can get all versions here: add…

  • Quote from Shole: “Work has been done before, and that repo is just was just for you. Changes which i made were always merged before publishing. You know all of that, so you are pointing to a repo which was especially for you. I do have irc logs also. ” Your blatant lying has reached ridiculous levels. If you made changes to another repo I would need to pull those files from there and sync my files, which would lead to those changes showing up on the github repo, which isn't the case. What sense…

  • Quote from Shole: “Says a guy who dunno if he has enough skill for coming and being developer for AGO. ” What's the problem with that? When I started working on AGO I wasn't very experienced, that is true. Working on AGO I learned a lot, that is true as well. Where is the problem about all of this? But I invite everyone to check the commit history for AGO themselves (…mab/source/commits/master) and decide for themselves who did how much of the work on AGO. I wasn't …