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  • I like the idea of getting resources when winning with pirates, that could be interesting overall

  • I believe that AGO is not out for Firefox 57 yet that may be an issue edit: sorry about that AGO for ff57 was released on Sunday, didn't read that before i answered this... AntiGameOrigin

  • I will be honest I think that the universe.xml api is giving a bit too much information to the players. I will be honest I think that it would be much funnier to have chance of having planet that people don't actually know about, rather than, 'ouh i may just look into API and see what planets x person have'. This is making it much more easy to FS catch, and kind of takes away the surprise element as 'oh you have hidden planet at idk galaxy 8' or something like that. I think that it gives a bit t…

  • Hey is there a way to see information about the pioneers servers like Bermuda? I couldn't seem to find it.

  • international fusions

    vakus - - General


    I think that this is a good idea, honestly I'd want to see international competition, (something as old retro server). If we could get one without Dark Matter that would be awesome, showing the skills, but I believe that this would be too much to ask for

  • I believe the OGame deletes old spy records, and other messages after specific period of time, tho i may been mistaken

  • Empire View - Resource extraction

    vakus - - Usability


    My idea is to add new part to Empire view - resources extraction. This would add up resource extraction across all the planets, in similar manner to the one in 'resource settings'. For each planet, the field would show 'Total per hour' and for Sum (obviously) sum of those totals, which would show how much resources are generated per hour across entire account.

  • I may have another suggestion for this idea, for resource trading. Maybe it could be done in way that there is new mission type for fleet called 'trading mission'. It would work in following manner: 1. The seller defines ratios at Alliance Depot e.g. 3:2:1. He/she also may only allow payment with specific resource, e.g. metal, and decides what sales e.g. deuterium. 2. The buyer sends x cargo ships, where x is the amount needed to fit sending and receiving amount of resources that buyer wants to …

  • First things first I do agree that such change would definitely change the way alliances work, and I believe that this would make this game much better and more enjoyable. However I think that in the Fleet Exchange, movement should not be instant. The game tries to make people gather information (spy reports, phalanx scans etc). I see that you already thought of ninja defense, but I believe this should be done using similar way to deployment mission. I also think that the resources transfer shou…

  • Edit the Colony ship

    vakus - - Fleet, Defense and Combats


    According to Tutorial 13 Colonisation, what seems you are suggesting is already implemented (unless I have misunderstood your post): Quote: “The colony ship disappears; instead the common resources for the start appear on the new colony. Resources, which have been picked up additionally by the colony ship, will also be credited there. ”

  • Just as a side note from myself, this could also benefit commander users. Lets make here an example: User with commander, just colonized new planet. He/she then has to start building. Lets say they add 'Solar plant l1, metal l1, crystal l1, solar l2 and metal l2' into the queue. This together still is less than 30 minutes, and is not really worth to use kracken, or Dark Matter to speed things up (unless you have tons of Dark Matter, and you really dont care about spending some for so small benef…

  • I know it was a while ago, since I posted this, I was out of ogame for while, anyway, I hooked up custom version of displayContentGalaxy. And by custom I mean I added two variables which were storing time, one on very beginning of the function and other at end, everytime the function was ran it was showing time difference in developer console in milliseconds.

  • I think that adding the chat to the game could be a good idea. I also think that we could maybe only show mentions as notifications (in similar manner we have notifications for unread messages on private chats) This way the people that keep the chat closed (as minimalised) would know if they been mentioned or not, and would not get info for other messages. Overall I think it would be a nice idea to add such communication in the game, as I believe it could make players feel that the universes 'ar…

  • I am using browser database

  • Well the initial idea was more inspired by gaining profit on universes with low number of players like Bermuda where there is about 500 players, which include active, non active and V-Mode accounts. While there is some decent farms from resources, it hurts me when I see players with few thousands ships in vacation mode being deleted, especially for fleeters in such universes there is little of fleets to be trashed

  • well, the planets would behave like Destroyed Planets that are already implemented in the game, after the planet is abandoned. It would be deleted after two days the same way as current Destroyed Planets work, so while it would reduce planetary space for another two days, it could also come with profit of whatever was in the account, for example big fleets or number of resources.

  • Quote from Canarefr: “but who has the inactive player as allied or in buddylist will know exactly the day of the deletion without work, so that he has all the needed time to eventually move near the "target". More, he probably has some way (external to the game) to contact his friend/allied to know where to go for his fleet and the owner of the inactive account would be surely more happy to give those res to him rather than an enemy. ” I see what you mean but the same advantage can have player b…

  • I have noticed that whenever I go through solar systems the game requires more and more time to load next solar system. I have measured time that is required to call function in-game function called displayContentGalaxy. It is available in game without any addons. I have measured time required to view 99 solar systems with and without GalaxyView. The results are here: board.origin.ogame.gameforge.c…cb0f6248ff6743b952d23171e As you may see from the graph, the more solar systems you view the slowe…

  • okay I see your point, and I understand that players do not want to be attacked when they enter V-Mode, so his or her account is not becoming farm to other players. After I read again my initial post, I have realized that I have missed out one thing - that this should be applied to accounts that are deleted automatically from inactivity, not when someone ticks 'delete account' in options. It is because the V-Mode should protect from long time absence, and when user's account is deleted the user …

  • Quote from Smoke Nightvogue: “Imagine someone sets a top 1 fleet account in the Uni for manual deletion, and 7 days later, the described thing happens... well, you get the point. ” I do not get the point that you are trying to make, but if you could expand on this I would be happy to understand your views on this Quote from Smoke Nightvogue: “To utilize something like that, the game must be able to differ intended deletions from the ones done after the reaching of 36 inactivity days, and even in…