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  • If they could make this work while still looking nice I'd be all for this idea!

  • "Global" Dark Matter

    Molle - - Lobby


    Now, I'm not 100% sure how the Lobby are going to work. But one of the things I seem to have figured out is that there will be a "Global" login, one email address and password will allow access to one account, but in multiple universes. Can one assume that Dark Matter purchased will also be "Global"? So DM bought in one universe will be available in another? If not, it's herby suggested. Along with the DM log book. I generally believe that one have the right to know how DM is spend on an account…

  • Research Tier Upgrades/Features

    Molle - - Research


    I read this long ago and thought I already replied to this. I'm not saying that I'd like this exact setup, but I like the general idea. It adds some thoughts as to what to research and what not to. And research that becomes useless pretty quick in the game will still have an important job, to grant access to the tier. In general I think the entire research system should be re-designed and this is 100% one way to do so!

  • Counter espionage

    Molle - - Research


    I think we need a lot more details as to how this would work.

  • Conversion Facility

    Molle - - Resources and Facilities


    I like the general idea, I do however thing that you should put a bit more time into describing the building (I assume you are talking about a building since it's a "Facility"?) and what and how each upgraded level would affect the entire system. For example I think 2 Crystal and 1 deut sounds way too expensive for 1 metal, yet I can't see how upgrading the building would affect the rates without becoming "too cheap" in the end. Also, how does the 200 units per hour work? If I were to get 100 cr…

  • Here's a thought - Go back to the drawing board. While I somewhat agree that the "huge project" getting Gravi and the first RIP used to be, isn't anymore. I just don't see any reason for the requirements listed, HOW people obtain the energy needed, whether it being 300k or 1 mil, is in my opinion entirely up to them. Energy Tech dosen't affect either Solar Plant or Satellites as it should for this suggestion to be "considerable", though still the problem with the buildings. Whether you make the …

  • There is a slight listing error, when the military points exceed 10 mil AND the fleet exceeds 1 mil ships. The list is somewhat messed up/not listed as intended.

  • Easy recall method

    Molle - - Fleet


    As you can see, there are the option to the right to probe/mail players. But I'l love to make the "Fleet Number" to the left to a "Recall" option. I know that there will be a problem with "Deploy" missions as they don't have a Fleet Number. But perhaps a "Recall" icon could appear in it's place and the Fleet Numbers change into that icon "on hover"?? The reason: I simply just HATE the way one has to recall missions now. I complete lose track of the fleets I have to recall and those I don't have …

  • Fleet - preferred cargo

    Molle - - Fleet


    I don't see the point for this feature... But I also don't see the reason to NOT make it possible If it can help some and won't bother the rest, then there's no good reason to not implement it.

  • Well never mind then... For some reason, unknown to me, I'm not subscribed to any forums anymore...

  • I do see the problem

  • Damn, so what seemed like a pretty straight forward and easy task, isn't as easy and straight forward after all?? I can 100% understand why this would not have the highest of all priorities, it's more a "nice to have", than a "need to have". Yet if it would be possible to change one of them to for example AGO Suggestions or something, it would be much appreciated. Have it in mind when you are about to change other things...

  • @Dark Sky What uni are you playing in?? It does not seem to be a legit Ogame site? What is the URL address to the server?

  • I just realized that I have subscribed to 2 sections of the board... and they are both named exactly the same! board.origin.ogame.gameforge.c…99a6275fafd9a94ba83e20cf4 One is this "Suggestions" section, the other is the AntiGame "Suggestions" section. I know it's a minor detail, but should be relatively easy to change one of them slightly, so I don't have to remember each time which is which I like to follow both sections to see what's about to change (and hopefully for the better) in the game. …

  • OK. I'm sorry to hear that. If I were you I'd create a support ticket, reporting the problem and ask for a refund if a fix is not found soon (within a week or so). I hope you fix it, but what server are you playing on? I don't think I can purchase officers the same way as you do. I'm rather confused about that and perhaps that is the reason behind it?? They stopped supporting this way of buying officers, but "forgot" to remove this option when buying officers? (I'm 100% guessing here). I hope yo…

  • I know what TGWo says sound cheap, but it's actually more often the root to problems than one would think. If you have not tried to clear the cache of your browser, then try it, it just might do the job. He's not talking about add ons, he wants you to try from your phone or other device. If clearing the cache does not work, then try to do it from another device.

  • True, that would have prevented a lot of damage and that sure is one thing to consider, however I still think the other options should at least be considered as well. But in our given situation, where the damage HAS been done. Granting TM's and SGO's these rights would allow for the server to be reset to it's "right" state much faster. Waiting for days and even weeks for things to get right is just unacceptable. It's way too long.

  • Fleet I-II-III pages

    Molle - - Fleet


    Hi there, In order to send out fleet faster (keyboard is a lot faster than a mouse click), I have some suggestions to the 3 Fleet pages. Fleet I page: - Use "right arrow" on the keyboard as a fast "select all ships" button, just like the one you can click on with the mouse. (left arrow will deselect all ships) Then hit ENTER to go to next page (already implemented) Fleet II page: - Use the "arrow keys" at the keyboard to navigate through your "shortcuts list", up/down chooses coordinates, right/…

  • Multiaccounting issue

    Molle - - General


    So you suggest a ban based on the computers network MAC address?? I sure see it as a possibility... In general I'm under the impression that the teams don't really have enough tools to keep the game clean and running.

  • What I mean is that, if the team had the power to implement an "attack block", then there would have been no need to get the German Admin involved. The consequences of a minor server failure would not have escalated into many lost fleets that now has to be reinstated. As long as the hardware is down, there is not much any team member can do. But once the server was up again, one of the suggested methods could have been used to prevent many losses and a long recovery time.