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  • Dear Users, For now the possibility to post new suggestions will be removed for all but one suggestion sections. The ideas collected so far will be evaluated internally and forwarded to the GF. The suggestions that got posted so far will stay open so that you can further discuss/improve them. In addition to the lobby we will introduce a new suggestion section for the lobby. There you can suggest features, simple ease of use things or general improvements for the lobby. But don't forget, the bett…

  • Quote from Lunati: “I guess something has been changed yesterday, because in the morning it was possible to choose country by dropdown (beeing "all" and "uk" the only options), but in the evening that was gone...!? Well... I tried again to register in Bermuda and it worked. ” Probably a thing that was fixed when the bermuda login was fixed. The lobby can only be used with gameversion 6.7.0 and the normal servers run a different one, so you wouldnt be able to login there. Quote from Lunati: “Quot…

  • Quote from dosenhamster: “i dunno why, but the pics on my site stopped showing up.. =( the links are okay, i´m able to view every single pic by following its link...but it still shows up as "ungültige grafik" -> "invalid graphic" any ideas ?afaik this happened to some other allysites aswell some days before ” Some are broken for me too. Make sure that you dont have images from on your page, if you use them, change the .org to .cc . Their .org domain is broken, but all images are av…

  • Changing the name is the easy part. Figuring out how it should be named is the hard part. As I said we have multiple Sections with the same name, renaming each one to have the name of the tool in it would look really strange. Those are the tools sections without the AGO section. As you can see they all have pretty much the same structure. firefox_2018-04-04_12-04-25.png

  • We could do that, but it wouldn't be viable. We have 6 sections named "Suggestions". All are in different subboards, renaming them to for example "Suggestions AGO" in the AGO subsection wouldn't make much sense as we would need to do that with all the "duplicate" sections.

  • *coughcough* well done @Dark Sky, noone of the above noticed the the april fools joke^^

  • We haven't had this event after that anymore so we can't say if it still is a problem.

  • Quote from gorgrael: “i support what scorer said. i play 3 universes, one acc i play for 10 years now and all have dm losing or getting destroyed all 3 would be a reason to leave the game forever ” And what is the reason that you post this in the lobby feedback? This has no connection to the lobby.

  • Not an issue anymore, the Startpage got changed and this gets pulled directly from the game now.

  • Not an issue anymore, the Startpage got changed and this gets pulled directly from the game now.

  • Not an issue anymore, the Startpage got changed and this gets pulled directly from the game now.

  • Not an issue anymore, the Startpage got changed and this gets pulled directly from the game now.

  • Yes this is fine again. In between it was wrong, but the game got changed again so this applies again.

  • Skynet... Currently Rebooting

    NoMoreAngel - - Skynet


    As you all might noticed, Skynet hasn't been updated for a long time and not all its features work anymore. The new Skynet-Team is currently updating the Tool to get it fully working again. When this is done Skynet will go Open Source, allowing you to contribute to it's development and making Skynet even better! Part of the current Skynet-Team are the following people, developers marked in green: - Nabor - DeLord - ImperatorMaximus - RiV- - Vanger - NoMoreAngel - scorer More details coming soon!

  • Quote from snoopy: “Sasmung Galaxy J5 Normal internet that was already on the phone Version 4.0.20-60 ” You mabye should update it, the current version of the "Samsung Internet" Browser is version

  • Nvm then, there must have been something broken. It didn't work when I tried it the first time, maybe missed a number while copying.

  • Quote from scorer: “Quote from WeTeHa: “You could gather public profile info ” so overall my real name is shown to GOs ” I tried around a bit and couldn't find a way to get any info about the person behind the ID (which was my own in this case).

  • Quote from scorer: “Why is the support account not logged in instantly? ” That was already reported by me a few days ago, so should be fixed soonish. Quote from WeTeHa: “Lobby logout does the same to all related universes, that's intended. But if you just close the tab, it won't happen. ” And you don't need to login newly everytime you close the tab. As long as the lobbysession doesn't get logged out, you can simply open again and you will again be able to see…

  • Here you can post your feedback and questions for the lobby. For questions that could get solved by simply using the lobby when it's released on the testservers, please wait until that time and maybe test them before asking