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  • NoMoreAngel -

    Replied to the thread [New] API Key requests.

    @sencagri don't send it to Shole, you seem to have an old template and not the new one. You would need to send it to me. Also for that what you wrote in your Description you wouldn't need an API-Key.
  • sencagri -

    Replied to the thread [New] API Key requests.

    *** Short description of tool to be developed using the API key *** --> I want to make a tool which will add keyboard shortcuts for antigame and for some specific page like( fleet, galaxy etc.) *** Scope of your project: Personal, Alliance, Community or…
  • stellar pegasus -

    Posted the thread General Gameforge generated bot accounts, 15-30k accounts per Uni again!!.

    I just came up with a really cool idea that would put a lot more life in to the game (or at least it will seem like it). So i was reading around the forums in Bellatrix earlier and i saw a thread by some guy ranting about multi account users and that…