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Pinned Lobby feedback&questions



A boost for fresh-starters in elder universes



Sitting function



Hyperspacetech increases Cargocapacity



"Global" Dark Matter



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  • RiV- -

    Replied to the thread Lobby feedback&questions.

    Can we expect an update soon that enables unlinking/trading accounts?
  • 2good4u -

    Replied to the thread A boost for fresh-starters in elder universes.

    Yes, some kind of boost is needed to get more NEW players in OLD Unis. Merging Unis is NOT a good solution long term. I agree with any solution that brings NEW players into an OLD universe. I also have an alternate suggestion that is similar to this…
  • TGWo -

    Replied to the thread Sitting function.

    with new sitting lobby, it is not more need to use ticket . And of course with new sitting lobby you don't have to share login's date. I absolutely don't like your idea to use sitting to share account with someone (you called "mini-break"). In my idea…
  • Molle -

    Posted the thread Sitting function.

    Not to make commercial for another game, but there is another game out there, who sort of resembles Ogame quite a lot. Bots games came out around the same time too. The other game is called Tribal Wars. And while Tribal Wars has a lot of personal…
  • Hooman -

    Liked Zagy’s post in the thread Expeditions are way to low.

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    When looking at what profits are possible in universe based on farming inactive players, not to mention anything better expeditions are riddicoulos. One would expect that expeditions should be in average at least 50% better then average inactives based…
  • Hooman -

    Liked eiO’s post in the thread Expeditions are way to low.

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    Back a few years ago when only x1/x1 universes existed, expeditions yielded pretty decent amounts of resources and everyone always had all expeditions slots filled. Now most servers have an eco multiplier so expeditions are less interesting. A simple…
  • Molle -

    Replied to the thread Accepted Hyperspacetech increases Cargocapacity.

    What does this mean? That it won't be implemented?
  • DeltaT -

    Liked NoMoreAngel’s post in the thread Accepted Hyperspacetech increases Cargocapacity.

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    We didn't get any usefull feedback from the GF about it since it got approved.