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  • vone -

    Posted the thread API for mobile app.

    Hello. I want to create cross platform mobile app for better experience on mobile. I will be using simple fetch API with JS. Can you give me access with CORS ? Or is there any other way to perform GET and POST methods to OGame ? Thank you for…
  • Guderian -

    Liked Guritchi’s post in the thread Usability API automatic copy.

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    I cannot believe you had to up this suggestion since January... whereas it is probably one of the best & simplest idea to implement
  • kfg -

    Replied to the thread [Possible BUG] Temperature has not effect in Deuterium Production.

    The temperature factor is rounded down as you have already deducted. This is a bug in v7. Therefore 36 ° - 59 °C planets behave like a 60 °C planet. Same is true for 10 °C - 34 °C planets, they are like 35 °C planets (Temp Factor = 1.3). Only every…
  • KingOfStars -

    Posted the thread [Possible BUG] Temperature has not effect in Deuterium Production.

    Hi everyone. I'm KingOfStars and I'm from Spain community. I apologize if there are some mistakes in my post. I'm playing in Origin and Bermuda. I have choosen Discoverer Class in Origin and Collerctor in Bermuda and some days ago, I noticed that in my…
  • Arzorth -

    Posted the thread [NOT A BUG] Pioneer server. Maximum number of expeditions..

    Maximum number of expeditions was being limited by maximum number of fleets (4), my apologies. (Hidden Content) Regards, Arzorth ;)
  • arlotechcare -

    Wrote a comment on arlotechcare’s wall.

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  • ScraTTrZ -

    Posted the thread BUG in Bermuda: My defence was not in battle.

    I am playing in Bermuda and was attacked by 20 small cargos on 5 different planets (20 cargos on each planet). Then I decided to build some light lasers to let the attacker fly in. => Before he arrived I had a few lasers finished on EVERY planet. On 2…