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A universe without MO



Make a window to appear in the galaxy screen so you can map out specific players planet coordinates



Bermuda top player


TrashSim - OGame combat simulator



Universo sin MO y jugadores modo vacaciones



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  • TGWo -

    Replied to the thread General A universe without MO.

    To dream is permitted, but GameForge why should do an universe where lose money ? I understand that MO give too much advantages, but GameForge open Ogame to do money, not to do you happy
  • I don't like the idea ........... already i hate the existing api that show all planets of a player. Better when you had to search by hand, and not click and script say to you.
  • Ka Anor -

    Posted the thread Bermuda top player.

    Hello to all and a good day, My question is how did the #1 guy on bermuda @Mr. Dark manage to get his points. He has 2 000 milion points (yeah yeah that is not a real number but not realy good with numbers that high beacause US has different numbering…
  • I was wondering if Gameforge can make their own version of a player coordinate mapping window, where you can find a target and enter in their coordinates of all their planets so you can keep track of them. I know about Antigame and UniverseView, i just…
  • stellar pegasus -

    Replied to the thread General A universe without MO.

  • CNP -

    Posted the thread General A universe without MO.

    The game must have a server where players can not take advantage with money.
  • scorer -

    Wrote a comment on Shole’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    hey shole
    very, very
    no, really
    very sad
    that you arent an admin anymoe
    sicne you knew so much about coding
  • Charlie -

    Liked TGWo’s post in the thread General Universo sin MO y jugadores modo vacaciones.

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    Quote from CNP: “- Todo jugador que abandona el juego por resignación activa el modo vacaciones para que no pueda ser atacado, esto lo hace mucho más aburrido y con menos objetivos. ” If I decided to pause game, if you don't permit to me to stay in…
  • DeltaT -

    Liked NoMoreAngel’s post in the thread Lobby login system with this two factor authentication.

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    We already asked the 2FA/MFA, not only the way you described it, but also with an Authenticatorapp. They said no. For the TOR thingy: The TOR IPs are changing to often, they would need to programm something that fetches all Exit-Nodes daily, too much…