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An story/anecdote/quote every day



Projet mmorpg-stat



Reworking the Bomber


Questions regarding possible script dev



Revitalize existing universes



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  • JJMonti -

    Replied to the thread An story/anecdote/quote every day.

    Warning!. If you get the Iliad by Homer in eBook to download for free, do not download, it is full of Trojans.
  • mmorpg-stat.eu -

    Replied to the thread Projet mmorpg-stat.

    Good morning to you all, In order to clarify the new graph "Fleet Points" I would need to translate that: SHIPS POINTS = 100% of fight ships + 50% of passive ships + 50% of Jump Gates + 50% of Phalanx If you have a little time and courage. Thank…
  • Tenko -

    Posted the thread Reworking the Bomber.

    Hi everyone. I am here to discuss this ship that we all know - somehow - but virtually never use, the bomber. The original concept is simple enough: wreck defenses with it. Why do players then still prefer to use either destroyers, light fighters, or a…
  • JJMonti -

    Replied to the thread An story/anecdote/quote every day.

    An idealist is one who, noticing that a rose smells better than a cabbage, concludes that the rose will make a better soup.
  • Adadov -

    Replied to the thread Questions regarding possible script dev.

    Another thing, Is that allowed to make an alerting system, not automatic or using notifications, but something alerting you on page load at a certain time. User will be forced to reload the page and it will be a div on the page only.
  • DeltaT -

    Liked JJMonti’s post in the thread An story/anecdote/quote every day.

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    There are two ways to get happiness: one, look like stupid; another, be it.
  • Lilith -

    Replied to the thread Revitalize existing universes.

    An admiral (the guy that acts like 2-3 levels of computertech) after building the first small cargos might be nice. In an old universe the inactives can make up for 10-20 times ones own production and the available fleet slots are the limiting factor of…
  • Dor -

    Replied to the thread Revitalize existing universes.

    Bonus starting res for each day you start late works because it never catches up to what you can make by playing normally from start. might be abusable, but could always put the bonus straight into mine levels and some solar. It's also _not necessary_…