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Revitalize existing universes



An story/anecdote/quote every day



Script to automatically go to the last used item


Questions regarding possible script dev


[Question] Where do my spy reports go?



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  • Dor -

    Replied to the thread Revitalize existing universes.

    Bonus starting res for each day you start late works because it never catches up to what you can make by playing normally from start. might be abusable, but could always put the bonus straight into mine levels and some solar. It's also _not necessary_…
  • JJMonti -

    Replied to the thread An story/anecdote/quote every day.

    There are two ways to get happiness: one, look like stupid; another, be it.
  • Minion -

    Posted the thread Script to automatically go to the last used item.

    One of the last few updates broke the system that took you to the last item you used. Say that you want to use 7 silver krakens, once you used one, the page reloaded but left you with the silver kraken selected again, so you could put the next one…
  • Adadov -

    Posted the thread Questions regarding possible script dev.

    Hi all, I'm planning to develop a few scripts in the next weeks and I have a few questions. First, I know it's allowed to store and display resources (not the same way empire view do) but is it allowed to use production to update values periodically…
  • vakus -

    Replied to the thread [Question] Where do my spy reports go?.

    I believe the OGame deletes old spy records, and other messages after specific period of time, tho i may been mistaken
  • MusicManiac -

    Posted the thread [Question] Where do my spy reports go?.

    Hi, I've noticed that my old spy reports are disappearing for some reason, is there any option that I've missed that deletes spy reports older than 36 or 48 hours or something like that? 'Cuz bunch of my old spy reports just disappeared, and I don't know…
  • Dor -

    Replied to the thread Notifications of comments.

    currently it will say something like "1 Comment" in CR. it should say that in CR list too. as long as the ignore system is working. a lot of players don't want to talk to opponents. and if they do want to, theyre probably trolls or cryers. annoying. just…
  • DeltaT -

    Replied to the thread Notifications of comments.

    I think that need to know where to put the notification counter, because many users always complain of excessive notifications and having other at the same point is not very effective but rather suggesting to notify the comments of another color near or…