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International Server Merge



Colonization save interception possibility


TrashSim - OGame combat simulator



speed of construction of facilities on the moon.


Panda Rosso

Really need a global Uni live chatroom


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  • DeltaT -

    Liked lasth3ro’s post in the thread Basic LaSt H3rO[DraGonS] vs flaR[UE 30] & vs who i am[CSM] - #1 & #2.

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    Hi! I made this 2 weeks ago... 2 in 2 days # 1 - Recalled deployment (inter-galaxy) Combat Report: At 10-25 XX:XX:XX, as it came to a battle: Attacker Sleeper S.Cargo 596 L.Cargo 90 L.Fighter 3240 H.Fighter 152 Battleship 392 Defender flaR L.Cargo
  • DeltaT -

    Liked TGWo’s post in the thread General AUTOMATIC CONTROL OF THE VACATION MODE..

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    personally i think that for the major part of players, force them to play is the easier way to lose those accounts ................ said in other words, if you don't have time or boring to play what will happen if you cannot stay in holiday for all time…
  • Warsaalk -

    Liked ckwalsh’s post in the thread General New Game Mechanic: Forgotten Colonies.

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    As empires expand to new frontiers and greater riches, it is not uncommon for far reaching colonies to be forgotten. Those without contact from their emperor for too long often forget about their master, and reestablish relationships with their
  • AvengerOne -

    Replied to the thread General International Server Merge.

    Guys the point is that we are not going to have this unless ALL of us want it. In Italy, every player wants it, but none of our ideas reach the devs. If you want this feature, if you really want it, tell your friends to come here and say it. People at…
  • Warsaalk -

    Posted the thread Fleet, Defense and Combats Colonization save interception possibility.

    Hi, We used to have people save on debris which would be possible to time back. Now with the possibility to save via colonization it has because somewhat impossible to . So I want to find a hard yet possible solution to make it somewhat possible to…
  • pixel627 -

    Replied to the thread TrashSim - OGame combat simulator.

    Hi, My suggestion : - add a warning when the fleet ratio is >5:1 cheers
  • Panda Rosso -

    Replied to the thread Resources and Facilities speed of construction of facilities on the moon..

    Quote from TGWo: “nano request level 10 of robot for my opnion if you can add nano in the moon, you will be able to create a large bunker, so will become impossible destruction of moon ” That's why i think it shouldn't be connected to robot factory.…
  • stellar pegasus -

    Posted the thread Alliance and Player Interaction Really need a global Uni live chatroom.

    Ok i am trying to find a moonshot partner in uni Cosmos and i am tired of messaging people one after another in the highscores. its ridiculous. i posted in the forums in that uni and still nothing. nobody checks the forums, well maybe 10% do but that…